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Has COVID Increased the Number of People using EBT?

Today, it has become popular for people to use EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards to buy their groceries. Since the pandemic has left many economically disadvantaged and jobless, many of these groups can now take advantage of an EBT card, the modern-day version of food stamps. Eligibility for EBT cards,[…]

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Are Immigrants & Non-US Citizens Eligible for EBT Cards?

The number of legal immigrants and non-US citizens in America is soaring. According to The Immigrant Learning Center, there are approximately 44 million immigrants in the United States, and many live in densely populated, urban areas. For those struggling, the question arises for immigrants, and non-citizens, if they are eligible[…]

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EBT and Your Gas Station – Symbiotic Success

A gas station owner may question why he should accept EBT (the modern, digital version of federally-issued food stamps) at his gas station c-store. After all, he may think, people use EBT cards at grocery stores, not at a service station convenience store. By not offering EBT acceptance, however, a[…]

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How Can a Small Business Qualify for EBT / SNAP Benefits Permit?

Accepting EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards from those enrolled in the federal SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) program brings great benefits to independently owned, small-to-mid-sized groceries and bodegas, especially in diverse inner-city, multicultural neighborhoods, including immigrant communities. Taking EBT allows your business to truly become part of the community[…]

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