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The Best Small Business POS System & Cash Register

Large chain stores use technology to have an advantage over small businesses. We believe hardworking neighborhood businesses should have the same resources as chain stores, so we created the NRS Point of Sale (POS) System. This simple cash register for small businesses has everything you need to compete with large stores. NRS sells it at an affordable price for everyone.

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What Is a POS System?

A point of sale system uses tools and software to manage your sales. It works like a cash register for small businesses, but it has advanced features that make it easier to do business. POS systems handle your checkouts and customer payments using a program. They can also help you track your inventory and other parts of your business. Every POS system has unique features, but we created our POS to help neighborhood businesses succeed.

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Types of Small Businesses That Can Benefit From a POS System



POS+ has a versatile design that makes it a suitable POS cash register for small businesses. The types of customers we serve include:

  • Convenience stores: Our POS+ system lets your convenience store or bodega offer promotions and take credit cards like your larger competitors.
  • Delis: You can increase your deli’s profitability with the POS+ built-in scale, which lets you weigh and ring up items at the same time.
  • Liquor stores: To help your business promote good practices, POS+ reminds you to check the ID of every customer who tries to buy alcohol.
  • Supermarkets: If you want to optimize your supermarket’s inventory and shelf space, you can track items with POS+ to see what sells.
  • Grocery stores: You can add your grocery store’s hot or prepackaged food to a purchase with one tap thanks to the POS+ In-Store Items feature.
  • Retail stores: The POS+ system allows you to categorize your retail items by department so that you can discover your most popular product types.
  • Bakeries: Switch between pricing your baked goods by weight or by number with a few button taps.
  • Dollar stores: The add-on card reader for POS+ processes many types of payments so that all customers can pay for your dollar store items.
  • Produce stands: With POS+ department sorting, you can create different categories for fruits, vegetables and non-produce items sold at your produce store.
  • Meat markets: Thanks to vendor and store statistic features, you can coordinate your purchasing so that your meat sells during peak freshness.
  • Tobacco stores: If you sell hand-rolled tobacco products or offer quantity sales, you can keep your check-outs precise while speeding them up.
  • Beauty salons: With custom department and product options, you can track your service offerings and beauty products to see what your customers like best.

All of the Hardware You Need is Included With The NRS POS+

Some POS companies only give you the tools you need to process payments. But, we understand you need the same features that bigger stores have to keep up with them. To help independent stores like you, our system includes everything you need to manage your sales. An NRS POS System includes:

  • Touch Screen Display: The merchant uses the system’s touch screen to easily check out customers and navigate between the helpful business management tools available on the POS. With an easy-to-understand layout, the touch screen makes it simple to check out customers compared to a traditional cash register.
  • Cash Drawer: The stainless steel cash drawer withstands frequent use so you can safely handle money. It also works with POS+, so you don’t have to worry about trying to make them compatible with each other.
  • Receipt Printer: Our thermal receipt printer saves you money on printing by using heat instead of ink. We’ll give you professional receipt printing resources, such as a custom receipt logo that adds polish to your business.
  • Barcode Scanner: The scanner can read barcodes from two directions, making your checkouts faster. It can also work with an optional scale to give your business the ability to sell items by weight.
  • Customer Facing Display: Our system comes with a second screen that faces the customer. This screen allows your customer to see the money they are saving on any in-store promotions you are running. It also features big business perks such as the ability to create advertisements for your customers.

When we were designing the POS+ equipment, we focused on high-quality staples instead of unnecessary extras. As a result, you can grow your small business with technology that makes sense. You can also add devices such as our credit card machine for small businesses that increase your profitability.

Why Choose POS+ for Your Small Business?

We designed POS+ to give small businesses the same POS technology options as big chain stores. In addition to critical features like store statistics and card processing, we offer extra conveniences to your and your customers. Enjoy these advantages of picking POS+ as the POS system for your small business:

BR Club loyalty program

The BR Club loyalty program works exclusively with the NRS POS+ System. With the BR Club, you can give your customers the hottest discounts on big brands at no cost to you!

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BR Club App

The BR Club online ordering app enables customers to order from your store online! The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your NRS POS and sorts them into categories. Customers can then order from your store and pick up their order when it’s ready for fast and easy checkout.

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my nrs store app

Take your small business POS system with you wherever you go. With the My NRS Store app, you can manage POS+ using your phone or tablet from anywhere you can access the internet. Manage your vendor relationships, track sales and inventory, and manage users and settings.

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NRS Pay: Low Rate Payment Processing

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Not every customer keeps cash in their wallet. If you don't take payment cards, you can lose business to bigger convenience stores. Through NRS Pay®, our credit card reader charges a flat rate of 2.49 percent, plus 10 cents per purchase. It has the latest chip technology and takes all major payment forms. Businesses that process over $10,000 every month can save even more money on their charges. The POS+ card reader comes free with a 3-year agreement.

Choose the Best POS System for Small Businesses

You don’t have to pay a big-store price for big-store technology. Ask for a free quote to see what you can pay for The World’s Greatest POS. Ready to grow your business? You can Purchase our POS equipment and services today!