Point of Sale System for Small Businesses

Large chain stores use technology to have an advantage over small businesses. We believe hardworking neighborhood businesses should have the same resources as chain stores, so we created the NRS Point of Sale (POS) System. This simple cash register for small businesses has everything you need to compete with large stores. NRS sells it at an affordable price for everyone.

What Is a POS System?

A point of sale system uses tools and software to manage your sales. It works like a cash register, but it has advanced features that make it easier to do business. POS systems handle your checkouts and customer payments using a program. They can also help you track your inventory and other parts of your business. Every POS system has unique features, but we created our POS to help neighborhood businesses succeed.

The Parts of an NRS Point of Sale System

Some POS companies only give you the tools you need to process payments. But, we understand you need the same features that bigger stores have to keep up with them. To help independent stores like you, our system includes everything you need to manage your sales. An NRS POS System includes:

  • Touch Screen DisplayThe merchant uses the system’s touch screen to easily check out customers, and to navigate between the helpful business management tools available on the POS. The screen has a layout that is easy to understand.
  • Cash Drawer: The stainless steel cash drawer withstands frequent use so you can safely handle money.
  • Receipt Printer: Our thermal receipt printer saves you money on printing by using heat instead of ink.
  • Barcode Scanner: The scanner can read barcodes from two directions, making your checkouts faster.
  • Customer Facing DisplayOur system comes with a second screen that faces the customer. This screen allows your customer to see the money they are saving on any in-store promotions you are running.

Our POS Solutions for Small Businesses

We offer so much more than equipment. Our POS system helps small businesses succeed with features like:

  • Affordable Cost: We have a lower monthly service rate than our competitors. You can pay for your equipment in installments if you can’t afford the full price all at once.
  • Loyalty Program: The NRS POS lets you give your customers discounts and sales with no extra cost to you. Our BR Club Loyalty Program works just like the big stores’ programs. Your customers can get the same discounts that they would get at a chain store, and we sponsor them for you.
  • Inventory and Sales Management: Your old cash register only manages cash. Meanwhile, our POS system manages sales, prices and inventory all on one screen.
  • Training and Support: Don’t worry about learning how to use our POS by yourself. We will install the system for you and teach you how to use it. Ask our customer service team for help at any time. You can also learn from our training website for free.

Let Us Help Your Business Grow

You don’t have to pay a big-store price for big-store technology. Ask for a free quote to see what you can pay for The World’s Greatest POS.

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