eWIC Card: Everything You Need to Know

what you need to know about WIC

Let’s talk about eWIC for a moment. Assistance programs are opening up all across the country and the numbers of people and eWIC redemption is increasing. Anyone presently enrolled in the WIC program (as well as new members) will be able to claim their benefits digitally with this handy new card. WIC is the abbreviation for “Women, Infants, and Children. This important government program provides nutrition and education to pregnant and postpartum women, children under the age of five, and babies. WIC is apart from other welfare programs because it focuses on this specific demographic and the nutrients that women and children need to maintain good health and nutrition. The electronic card allows women to shop more discreetly for supplies, simplifies checkout, and avoids the headache of managing and retrieving paper checks. Everything you need with eWIC is your card, and your benefits are just a swipe away.

So, how does it work? To begin, you must first register for the program, which is a straightforward process. In NY for example, on the homepage of the nyc.gov website, there is a tab that reads “How can I apply for WIC?” The links and resources you’ll need to discover your local agency and get started are directly beneath this tab. You can apply in person at the agency upon booking an appointment, and once you’re registered, the agency will provide you with a grocery list for that month. The best option is how the groceries are tailored to meet the needs of the family. The WIC staff will ask you questions to learn about your family’s needs, assuring that you obtain exactly what’s on your shopping list. Milk, cheese, yogurt, canned legumes, and whole grains are just a couple of the foods offered to program participants. The program’s mission is to offer basic nutrition to mothers and children.

Don’t worry if you need some assistance picking which groceries are ideal for your household. The NYC WIC Foods Guide and mobile app, for example, make it simple to see and choose among your selections. These resources are available here. You can begin shopping once your list is complete. You can use your card like a debit card to purchase any of the groceries on your grocery list. You don’t have to buy them all at once; you can do so over the course of a month. Okay, that’s great! So where would your WIC card be accepted? The agency that is assisting you will provide you a list of stores that are suitable, including both big-chain supermarkets and local shops! Keep an eye out for the “We Accept WIC” signs that will be displayed on the doors and windows of participating businesses.

The check-out procedure is made significantly easier using eWIC. If you’re a store owner seeking for a payment system that can accept eWIC cards, the NRS Point of Sale (POS) system and NRS Pay Credit Card Processing system can process eWIC while making the check-out process easier and more efficient. Basically, it’s a win scenario. NRS eWIC is expanding availability in many states, not just NY and NJ. Go to nrsplus.com/ewic for information about EWIC in your state.