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POS System in a Grocery Store

Grocery Store POS System

Your grocery store has some tough competition. Large chain supermarkets use technology to make their jobs easier. If you want to keep up, you should know that a typical cash register system can’t handle enough tasks. A point of sale (POS) system helps you manage your store and makes your checkouts quicker. National Retail Solutions created the POS+ so that hard-working businesses like yours can have the same opportunities as bigger grocery stores – and it offers countless advantages.

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POS system register screen showing total due

Complete Fast Check-Outs

Many customers judge food markets based on their check-out experience. Ringing up every purchase with a typical cash register takes a long time and makes customers wait. The POS+ register helps you check-out customers quickly. You can tell the system which products you sell often and create buttons that add them to a purchase order in one tap. Our system already includes thousands of major brand items that you can scan right away. It also lets you add new products to your pricebook. Products in the pricebook can be used to create your own discounts & offers that are applied automatically during checkout.

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Sales and Inventory Reporting

Know Your Inventory

You want to have the perfect inventory numbers. Too little of an item puts you at risk of running out. However, too much of a product can go bad before it sells. Control your inventory from the POS+ or on a mobile device using our remote access app. Enter items in the system that you want to track. Type the starting number of stocked products, and the POS+ will subtract them as you sell them. Then, you can check the Inventory screen to see what products you should reorder and when.

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POS system with loyalty program key fobs

Reward Loyal Customers

One reason customers leave small food markets for bigger ones is to get a loyalty card and discounts. Chain grocery stores can provide discounts that smaller food markets can’t always offer. The POS+ also includes the BR Club grocery discount program at no extra charge. It acts just like a big store’s discount program, but you don’t have to pay any money for it. We create promotions for products you sell, and pay you back for the money customers save. New members can join with a phone number, and you can give them the free membership cards we supply you with.

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NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Processing Also Available

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use card payments for everyday purchases. Our credit card processing machine accepts ALL forms of card payments and integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS+. The credit card reader also accepts EBT payments for items that you select in the POS as being eligible for EBT. This cohesive interaction between the POS+ and the credit card processors’ EBT capabilities is not offered by most POS companies.

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Weigh Produce and Deli Items

Plenty of food markets sell produce and deli products by weight. With an integrated food scale, The POS+ can handle items like these that have a price based on the number of pounds purchased. Create a label for your deli items using the system and scale together. You can even use existing produce items in the system catalog to set a price per pound. The system and scale will work with you to help you track produce and deli sales.

Price Hot Foods

Selling pre-made foods like soup and coffee lets your customers buy a convenient meal. You don’t have to put in a lot of extra effort to offer these products with our POS system. The In-Store Items screen lets you add your store’s unique items that don’t have UPC numbers. Create quick buttons for your popular items so you can add them to a purchase with one tap.


Our company partners with small food markets and grocery stores to help them grow. Help your business compete in the industry with our POS system. Use our online store to buy it now, or request a quote if you want more information or need a special order.

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