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Choosing the Best POS System for your Deli

Small deli owners have to do multiple jobs every day. They act as a manager, cashier, server, cook and cleaner, all in one. A deli POS system helps you perform the manager and cashier roles more efficiently. If you use a basic cash register, you have so much more work to do than if you have a POS system. National Retail Solutions’ POS+ gives you the useful technologies that big chain restaurants have – and at an affordable price. You deserve to be able to serve your customers’ unique needs with the same resources your big competitors have.

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POS+ Benefits for Delis and Deli Owners

POS+ offers a wide range of benefits suited to the fast-moving world of delis.

Consider our POS system to be your sales assistant that makes your job easier with advantages like:

  • Faster checkouts: The POS+ checkout features focus on improving efficiency, speed and accuracy. Your POS+ register features will empower you to ring up items in fewer button presses. A customer-facing screen will also show your transaction to make it clear to your customer.
  • Data-informed menu design: POS+ will record your sales and track their trends over time. That way, you can see which promotions and departments sell the most items and look at your overall profit. This information will help you create a menu that appeals to your customers.
  • Savings for customers: With POS+, you can give your customers more ways to save than ever. Design custom promotions that appear on the customer-facing screen and prompt customers to buy more to qualify for a discount.
  • Shift management and data: Create user profiles for each of your employees to track sales by shift and assign software permissions. Shift-based data will show which employees perform at the times your customers prefer to shop.
  • Manage sales on the go: Thanks to the My NRS Store app, you can take care of your POS+ features anywhere with an internet connection. Control vendor features, employee permissions and more from just about any location.

With POS+, you can increase your deli’s efficiency and free up time to focus on other aspects of business.

The Best POS+ Features for Your Deli Business

The POS+ system includes a variety of hardware and software features that help small business owners do their jobs. These solutions from POS+ can especially benefit deli businesses:

  • In-store items: The In-Store Items section of your POS+ interface will give you complete control over your items for sale. If you have a food item that you can’t scan or that doesn’t appear in your pricebook, add it in a few presses.
  • UPC catalog: Your POS+ pricebook will come with thousands of UPCs from popular brands and items to save you time. Save time adding chips, drinks and other sides that already exist in the catalog.
  • One-click items: With the One-Click Items section of POS+, you can assign popular items to their very own buttons. Give each of your menu items a button to create an order in fewer presses and scans.
  • Convenient barcode scanner: Every POS+ bundle includes a barcode scanner to improve checkout times. Since POS+ works with custom barcodes, you can create stickers for cooler items and scan them. Adding barcodes to your workflow will give you more options for speeding up sales.
  • Easy-to-use touch screen: A touch screen interface makes it easy for tech users of all skill levels to use POS+. The interface has large and easy-to-read buttons displayed on a screen built for visibility and comfort.

Your POS+ system will provide even more benefits for your growing deli business. Discover extra ways to use POS+ for your deli below.

Enjoy Speedy Ordering

POS+ checkout features let you get your customers through the line quickly. Scan thousands of popular items that were already added to the system to ring up snacks and bottled drinks. Create custom in-store products to add a menu item to an order without scanning. The One-Click Item screen helps you create quick buttons for items in a few easy steps. You can create custom one-click buttons for extras like cheese or avocados and for any other delicious toppings.

You can use third party barcode software on your PC and a label printer to make scannable UPC stickers for your deli items. Place the labels on each product, or keep a barcode sticker to scan near the register. This can make checkouts at your deli counter quicker and easier!

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Manage Your Inventory

Deli managers need to manage their ingredients, prepackaged foods, drinks and snacks. When you have to do so many things at the same time, you can have a hard time tracking them all. The POS+ system can count all of these materials for you. Tell it which items you want to track, and enter a starting number. As you sell the product, the system will subtract it for you. Go to the Inventory screen to see what you should reorder.

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Track Vendor Spending

Your deli brings together the best food and ingredients from your community. Record your purchases from vendors to see what you are buying and from whom. Check your total vendor spending using vendor management tools. Analyze your vendor transactions over time to better understand your spending trends.

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Use Integrated Deli Scales

You can enhance your POS+ hardware with integrated scales. NRS provides retailers with a list of scales that can be integrated with the POS+. These scales can work directly with the POS system to measure your meat, cheese, produce and other products. Set a price per pound on the POS, and then when you measure the weight of the item the price will be automatically calculated.

Why Choose POS+ as Your Deli POS Software?

POS+ is designed to give delis the same POS technology options as big chain stores. In addition to critical features like store statistics and card processing, we offer extra conveniences to your and your customers. Enjoy these advantages of picking POS+ as the POS system for your deli:

BR Club loyalty program

The BR Club loyalty program works exclusively with the NRS POS+ System. With the BR Club, you can give your customers the best deals on big brands at no cost to you!

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BR Club App

The BR Club online ordering app allows customers to order from your store online! The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your NRS POS and sorts them into categories. Customers can order from your store and pick up their order when it’s ready.

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my nrs store app

Take your deli’s POS system with you wherever you go. With the My NRS Store app, you can manage POS+ using your phone or tablet from anywhere you can access the internet. Manage your deli vendor relationships, track sales and inventory, and manage users and settings.

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Credit Card Processing Also Available

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Did you know that 80% of consumers prefer to pay for everyday purchases with a payment card? The credit card processing machine and services from NRS take all types of card payments. They also have seamless integration with POS+ for simple operation. Since we understand that customers come from all backgrounds, we developed our machine to accept EBT payments as well. Simply assign eligibility to items in your system, and POS+ will process EBT cards for them.

Let Us Help You Grow Your Deli

At NRS, we partner with neighborhood businesses that understand their communities’ needs. We believe in small business practices like yours that listen to the customer. Your deli should have the same opportunities as big stores and restaurants. That’s why we created the POS+. Add the system to your cart to buy it today, or request a quote for more information.