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The NRS POS includes this hardware: Dual Screen Display (merchant touchscreen + customer-facing screen) •Sturdy, Stainless Steel Cash Drawer •Thermal Receipt Printer •Bi-Directional Barcode Scanner. The software includes sales, inventory and users tracking, nightly emailed sales summary, an integrated Boss Revolution portal, remote management via web and ‘My NRS Store’ app, run your own customer-facing ads, and more; included within the monthly software service and support fee. Upgrade software packages are available,  with bundled Premium Features for best value. See options at
The NRS POS isn’t just an ordinary point of sale register. It features sleek dual merchant/customer facing screens to view transactions and enjoy promotions. The software for your pos system offers you a user-friendly interface with powerful store management tools to help you sell more, track your data and inventory, and attract new customers. We offer NRS Pay credit card processing, that integrates seamlessly with the POS, for a one-stop checkout solution. We include everything you need to succeed, even a key-fob customer loyalty program (similar to those offered by larger chain stores) linked into our nationwide network of discounts on popular, regularly purchased household items. We offer customer support in English, Spanish and Hindi. Plus, you can watch videos to learn all about how to use the POS and benefit from all its exciting features at our training website,
The NRS POS tracks which products are selling best in your store. You can also see how many customers are coming in each day, how much they spend, what inventory items need replenishment. You can receive daily emails with your store data and low-inventory reminders. You can restock easily by ordering products via the Marketplace portal on your POS. Our UPC scanning system comes “pre-set” with thousands of popular UPCs (and you can add your own) to help speed up checkouts. The POS also allows you to set up unique “users” so that you can track progress and monitor shifts and sales of each individual cashier. And we even have an App (Apple and Android) to remotely access all your data while you’re away from the store. This means you can be away and log in to your POS from anywhere, anytime.
If you’re selling Boss Revolution® products, the POS offers pinless recharge with the click of a button. The POS has an integrated loyalty & rewards coupon program. Our exclusive BR Club features amazing promotional discounts at no cost to the merchant; in-store promotional material, key fobs, and coupons. You can run your own ads on your customer-facing screen, which encourages them to take advantage of your special deals.
The NRS POS is a total merchant ecosystem to run and grow your business. We offer a third party merchant services solution that integrates fully with your POS so that your system is a one-stop-shop integrating simplified credit, debit and EBT processing. No more multitasking with separate complicated devices. When you sign up for merchant services, we give you a top quality card processing unit that plugs right into your POS. Apply Here
NRS charges a monthly service and support fee, which includes software licensing, the one-year manufacturers warranty, live customer support, automatic software updates. You can choose your software plan; Basic, Pro or Advanced. If you choose Pro or Advanced, you’ll get the best value, with Premium Features bundled in for one low price.
At NRS, it’s our goal to help you make money and grow your business – and save money doing it. NRS is able to keep your monthly charges low with customer-facing onscreen advertising to subsidize your costs. When you use NRS Pay credit card processing, you save on payment acceptance integration, and your NRS POS monthly software expenses are lower.
New, exciting features are regularly added to the POS as we release new software updates. Updates are automatically sent to your Point of Sale system via the internet connection. We strive to offer the most state-of-the-art merchant hardware and software tools in the industry. We offer a trade-in program which makes it affordable to change out your older hardware for newer model equipment.
You can expect to receive your new POS and have it installed (optional) within 21 days. Installation, including same-day training and scanning of 50 items, takes about 3-4 hours.
The POS requires hard-wired internet to update and function properly. Wifi is not enough. At least 25/5 Mb internet speed connection is necessary for your system to function properly, and to receive software updates and important notices.
We offer an installment payment option for well-qualified purchasers. In addition, NRS Funding offers a cash advance program that can help you secure working capital for your business, with just a few simple steps. Visit our NRS Funding Cash Advance page apply.
We do NOT generally buy out contracts but under special circumstances, we may. NRS PAY does not have a long-term contract. There is no cancellation fee and equipment is FREE. Using NRS PAY until the other contract is over, may actually save you enough that it pays off your other contract.
Clean Rate Plan costs 2.49% + .10¢ + $10/mo. • Cash Discount has NO MONTHLY FEE(!!!) if processing over $18K/mo. ($49.95/mo. if processing under $18K). With either plan, no application fee, free equipment, no locked-in contract, no termination fee. To protect equipment, there is optional terminal assurance for $6.95/mo. (Free and Fast Card Reader Replacements).
Yes, you pay only for the NRS PAY service – there are no extra charges or fees to connect NRS PAY to your POS.
Yes, it’s called TPPI, Third Party Processing Integration. It’s $29.95/mo. per location, to connect other processors with our POS.
NRS PAY is our own card processing service, which offers you a one-stop-shop experience with our POS at no charge to plug NRS PAY into your NRS POS. Many companies do not allow you to use any outside processing service. We built our software to support outside processors and continue to offer you flexibility for a fee. We want you to be comfortable so we offer the TPPI option. The fee is $29.95/mo. per location.
If you have a second NRS POS, we will provide you a second FREE Pax S300 unit for your second POS. (If your second unit is not an NRS POS, you’ll need to verify if you can bring NRS PAY to the POS. If yes, we will provide a second Pax.)
For the Pax S80, we provide you paper free of charge. Call Support 800-215-0931 to request more paper for your Pax S80.
800-215-0931 — Monday – Friday 8am-12am EST / Saturday – Sunday 8am-10pm EST
Yes, next business day funding; as long as the transaction is batched out by 10pm EST.
If we receive all the necessary information, voided check and all documentation completed, we usually get you approved within 24-48 hours (approx. 2 business days).
AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, all PIN Debit & EBT.
When you sign up for NRS PAY, you’ll be sent a specially-calibrated Pax S300 (for your NRS POS) or Pax S80 reader (if you’re not using the NRS POS), depending on your business needs.
Online requires entering a pin. Offline requires no pin.
Similar! Cash Discount is $49.95/mo. The customer gets charged a small surcharge for using a credit card, and the retailer does not pay any transaction processing fee. If the customer pays in cash, the surcharge is waived (known in the industry as a “cash discount program”). If you process over $18K/mo., the monthly $49.95 fee is waived.
You need a Social Security Number (SSN) or an ITIN. You need a TAX ID# only if the business is a corporation.
Yes — We run a soft credit check to verify identity.
We have a terminal assurance program for $6.95/mo. for a free replacement with overnight shipping. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a new one from NRS PAY for $350.
You can provide us statements and we will analyze your rates and figure out the best plan for you. You may be eligible for a custom rate. (Keep in mind, you may pay more with us per transaction, but you won’t have nasty surprises with us dipping into your account and unexpectedly withdrawing money.)
Next business day delivery before 2pm EST – overnight across the US.
Industry regulations do not currently allow us to process for marijuana (and related industry) retailers. This could change soon.
You can cancel the service any time, with no early termination fee. You’ll need to return the Pax unit to us, or you can keep it and pay $350.
NRS PAY can be approved for any kind of business; store, online or on-the-go. There are, however, some prohibited industries (such as marijuana). Contact us for details.
Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. If it’s a new business, a license is recommended but is not a requirement.
It doesn’t matter. We do not check your credit.
YES! Using a special dongle you plug into your phone or tablet, you can accept credit cards anywhere you go, even without the card reader.
No, we give it to you for free! When you sign up, we calibrate the reader just for you.
Next business day after your customer pays with a card, the money goes into your bank account.
If you qualify, you may be able to obtain a cash advance or business loan. Please contact us for details.
Either by mail, email or via our online portal.
Send us a voided check or a bank letter from the new account and we’ll update it for you. This takes 3-5 business days.
A merchant is an individual or a company that is selling goods and/or services at a physical location or online.
Yes, we send out a monthly statement.
Discount Rate is another term for the 2.49% that we assess as a fee.
24-48 hours (approx. 2 business days).
No. We keep it simple for you. One account will cover your whole location.
EMV is what is commonly known as a ‘Chip’ on your credit card. For security reasons, the industry has shifted away from swiping cards, to inserting a ‘Chip’ instead.
We can include it upon request at NO CHARGE.
We want you to feel very comfortable with our services and this includes keeping our statements simple and clearcut. If you ever have any questions, Customer Support is an easy phone call away.
All refunds to a merchant will show up on the next month’s statement. (The request needs to be submitted by the 20th of the month.)
You can change from month to month. The request needs to be submitted before the 15th of the month to be set up to begin on the following month.
NRS Petro is a division of National Retail Solutions that offers money and time saving solutions for c-store/gas station owners to update their sites with a pump-integrated POS system and EMV compliance at the pump. Finally, gas station owners nationwide have an affordable and easy way to upgrade their locations without messy renovations and business downtime. All at a fraction of the cost.
EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa- the first three credit card networks to adopt the technology) is a fraud-reducing technology that was announced in 2011 and introduced to retail in 2015, that helps protect consumers, merchants and card issuers against potential losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale system. Essentially, the “chip” on the front of the debit or credit card is what EMV refers to. This chip helps encrypt and secure sensitive information, whereas the traditional black magstripe is highly vulnerable to fraud.

The deadline that gas station owners had to accept the EMV chip at the pump, or be responsible for the fraud, chargebacks and liability, was April 2021. Everyone who did not upgrade will be subject to paying for fraudulent non-EMV transactions made at their gas station. Previously, the credit card processors/banks were responsible for this fraudentent activity, now they’re not. It’s on the average c-store/gas station owner.
Debit card, Credit card, Contactless Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc), Tap-to-Pay enabled cards.
Independent/unbranded gas station owners that need to completely replace old pumps are looking at an overwhelming $10,000 to $20,000 per pump. Based on an average of four pumps per station, plus the cost of ripping up concrete and lost business when the pumps are down, independent station owners are staring down costs from $40,000- $200,000. Those whose pumps can be retrofitted by the manufactures still face significant costs, to the tune of $40,000 to $60,000 for four pumps.

Fortunately, NRS Petro offers an easy and affordable way to become EMV compliant. Unlike the competition, we provide an innovative, solid and affordable program that works with almost all pumps. Each fueling point is $999 for our NRS EMV EZ Pump device. See our pricing sheet for more information on the other pieces of our solution.
Don’t worry, we have a solution, NRS Funding. We have a division that helps qualified merchants get the funding they need. It is fast and can be received as early as the next day! The funds can be used for initial payment, working capital or for purchasing inventory, furniture, supplies & equipment for your business.
NRS Petro offers NRS Pay! NRS Pay, integrates seamlessly with the NRS Petro POS, or can function as a standalone processing solution for any business, in any industry. On location, online or on-the-go, NRS Pay processing plans are tailored to help business owners save money and succeed custom rates! All you need to do is provide a current credit card statement and NRS Pay will analyze then generate a proposal with your custom rate.

Complete the form here. Then an NRS Petro team member will reach out to you to have you fill out the Site Survey in which they will then analyze and create your own no obligation quote!

NRS Petro will have a representative on site for installation. We also collaborate with the current company that services the gas station or regional partner to install the NRS EMV EZ Pump outside at the gas pumps. It is a collaborative effort.
Yes. The NRS Petro POS will be able to control all your inside store transactions and needs in addition to being connected to and controlling the gas pumps outside. You can view your fuel sales right there at the NRS Petro POS, both inside and outside. You can also change fuel prices, print fuel reports, receipts and much more, all on our system!
Even if you don’t have a C-store, you can still indeed upgrade at your gas pumps with the NRS Petro. Ask an NRS Petro representative for more details on how this scenario works.
Our team at NRS Petro will be able to confirm if your pumps are eligible by our NRS Petro Site Survey. We do an extensive analysis of each component of your location with information and pictures you submit: Current gas pumps, POS, forecourt controller, Network, physical layout. All of these items are asked in our NRS Petro Site Survey. On the whole, NRS Petro can retrofit 90% of the gas pumps in the market.
Not a problem, at NRSEBT we have a dedicated team that can help you obtain your EBT license!
We have different options to help fit your specific needs, while per transaction is available we strongly recommend our unlimited EBT program!
NRS offers the Worlds Greatest POS System which specializes in EBT/EWIC retailers so everything is done in 1 smart piece of equipment.
Our pricing is always displayed on our website to show transparency!
The correct answer is yes as long as you sell the required products you can apply!
Not a problem just let us know and we will add it to your account, not a lot of people know this but you don’t need a license to accept EBT cash at your store so SHHH!
With the Worlds greatest POS System of course! Our POS doesn’t allow you to sell non-EBT/EWIC items with EBT/EWIC cards, this is so important as about 30% of merchants that have these licenses lose them or have issues with the USDA over unauthorized activity, so thank you NRS for that peace of mind!
If you already have an EBT/EWIC license and have our equipment it takes 1-3 business days, if we need to help with your snap license this can take a couple of months depending on your state and situation.
We don’t believe in those, and we will try our best to please you but if for any reason you feel that we aren’t giving you 120% we ask that you give us the chance to fix any issue or you can simply cancel!
Contrary to popular belief the government does not send out equipment, there are companies that claim to send equipment from the government but in reality, these are incorrect statements, the government used to send out equipment but that stopped after the 2014 farm act.
WIC or Woman Infant & Children is a program run by the USDA, which provides food benefits to pregnant women and mothers of children under 5 in low income households. Benefits include staple foods such as bread, eggs, cheese, and specialty items such as baby formula.
“E” in eWIC stands for “electronic”. Prior to electronic payment technology, WIC transactions were carried out by checking benefits on paper checks. Now, eWIC redemptions are carried out electronically with a government-issued benefits card swiped on a credit card reader terminal at the checkout counter. NRS eWIC software integrates within the NRS POS to automatically do the eligibility checking for benefits redemption, saving the cashier time and shortening lines, with effortless eWIC transactions.
NRS eWIC integrates with the NRS POS system. The service costs $19.95/mo. for NRS POS integration, with 10¢ per transaction. NRS also offers a Double Play bundle of eWIC + Unlimited EBT for $69.90/mo., in which the 10¢ transaction fee is completely waived – unlimited transactions are FREE.
A store that wants to accept eWIC would first need to get a license from their local WIC agency. Once they have the license, and sign up for NRS eWIC, a specialist will call the store and teach them how to use the software and carry out a transaction. Finally, when they’re ready, the WIC agency will visit the store and fully certify them to accept eWIC payments. In order to sign up for our Double Play Unlimited EBT + eWIC flat rate plan, the store would also need to be certified for offering EBT.
NRS eWIC integrates with the NRS POS and requires an NRS Pay account. The government issued eWIC cards are swiped on the NRS Pay terminal, which is provided at no charge with NRS Pay account signup. Once eWIC is set up and activated, all transactions can be done on the same credit card reader, including eWIC, EBT, Credit, Debit and more.
Grocery stores, as well as bodegas and convenience stores who carry stock of eligible eWIC products such as eggs and milk, can be eligible to offer eWIC redemption. A gas station c-store that carries grocery essentials may qualify as well.
By accepting eWIC, you will be attracting more foot traffic into your store. Customers tend to visit regularly to purchase items using eWIC benefits, in addition to other non-eWIC purchases. By offering this program, you’re also building customer loyalty.

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