Frequently Asked Questions

The NRS POS includes: •Dual Screen Display (Merchant Touchscreen + Customer-facing screen) •Sturdy, Stainless Steel Cash Drawer •Thermal Receipt Printer •Bi-Directional Barcode Scanner •Optional Scale (additional purchase) •Welcome Kit – Includes Posters for BR Club Offer, customer loyalty promotional materials and BR Club Member key fobs.
The NRS POS isn’t just an ordinary point of sale register. It features sleek dual merchant/customer facing screens to view transactions and enjoy promotions. The elmer™ software for your pos system offers merchants a user-friendly interface with powerful store management tools to help you sell more, track your data and inventory, and attract new customers. We offer a third party credit card processing service that integrates seamlessly with the POS. We include everything you need to succeed, even a key-fob customer loyalty program (similar to those offered by larger chain stores) linked into our nationwide network of discounts on popular, regularly purchased household items. We offer 24/7 customer support, plus you can watch videos to learn all about how to use the POS and benefit from all its exciting features at our training website,
The NRS POS tracks which products are selling best in your store. You can also see how many customers are coming in each day, how much they spend, what inventory items need replenishment. You can receive daily emails with your store data and low-inventory reminders. You can restock easily by ordering products via the Marketplace portal on your POS. Our UPC scanning system comes “pre-set” with thousands of popular UPCs (and you can add your own) to help speed up checkouts. The POS also allows you to set up unique “users” so that you can track progress and monitor shifts and sales of each individual cashier. And we even have an App (Apple and Android) to remotely access all your data while you’re away from the store. This means you can be away and log in to your POS from anywhere, anytime.
If you’re selling Boss Revolution® products, the POS offers pinless recharge with the click of a button. The POS has an integrated loyalty & rewards program. Our exclusive BR Club features amazing promotional discounts at no cost to the merchant, in-store promotional material, key fobs, and offer coupons.
The NRS POS is a total merchant ecosystem to run and grow your business. We offer a third party merchant services solution that integrates fully with your POS so that your system is a one-stop-shop integrating simplified credit, debit and EBT processing. No more multitasking with separate complicated devices. When you sign up for merchant services, we give you a top quality card processing unit that plugs right into your POS. Apply Here
NRS charges a monthly $19.95 license and usage fee in order to provide customer support, software updates, and marketing & promotional materials.
NRS is able to keep the monthly charge so low because manufacturers and companies advertise their products on our POS screens. We also offer an option for you to run your own in-house ads. This helps subsidize the unit and keep your monthly service/license fee low.
New, exciting features are regularly added to the POS+ as we release new software updates. Updates are automatically sent to your Point of Sale system via the internet connection.
You can expect to receive your new POS and have it installed (optional) within 21 days. Installation, including same-day training and scanning of 50 items, takes about 3-4 hours.
The POS needs internet to update and function properly. Wifi is not enough. At least 25/5 Mb internet speed connection is necessary in order to receive remote support, software updates, backups and important notices.
We offer an installment payment option for well qualified purchasers. In addition, NRS offers a third party cash advance program that can help you secure working capital for your business with just a few simple steps. Visit our Cash Advance page apply.