POS System and Receipt Printer

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POS System and Receipt Printer

Every National Retail Solutions Point of Sale system comes with a thermal receipt printer. The printer included with our system works seamlessly with the other elements of our all-in-one POS+ bundle to make check-out and store management easy.

The Benefits of a Thermal Receipt Printer

Compared to standard models, a thermal receipt printer:

  • Has a faster printing speed: Since thermal printing doesn’t require ink, it works much more quickly than traditional printing. It speeds up every check-out, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Requires less maintenance: Thermal printers have fewer moving parts than standard printers which means you won’t have to worry as much about your receipt printer breaking. Cash registers with thermal printers also jam less often.
  • Costs less: You only need to buy paper for your thermal receipt printer — no ink. Merchants who have thermal printers have one less item on their shopping lists. Using thermal printing lets you spend less on supplies.
  • Allows for a smoother workflow: Since the printer requires only paper replacement, your employees can avoid spending time putting in a new ink cartridge whenever ink runs out. Every little bit of time spent doing something like replacing ink adds up, and the extra available time can go toward growing your business.

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Point of Sale Receipt Printer From NRS

In addition to the benefits that every thermal receipt printer offers, our printer makes business simpler by:

  • Allowing easy reordering: Visit the Marketplace page in our system to buy new receipt paper whenever you want. We sell rolls in widths of three and one-eighth inches and a length of 160 feet. If you prefer a supply store, you can buy thermal paper in 80mm diameter or shorter.
  • Giving you creative control: Choose a logo and message to print on every receipt. Your customers will then be able to easily tell your receipts apart from the ones they got at other stores. Your store also have a more professional appearance to your customers.
  • Connecting directly to the rest of the system: Plug the printer into your cash drawer and POS machine. It will work seamlessly with the other features found in the POS+ bundle. The system directs the printer to print a receipt whenever you make a transaction.
  • Eliminating tearing: The printer automatically cuts every new receipt, which means your cashiers won’t have to rip the receipt roll. Receipts from our printers look nice and neat.

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NRS Point of Sale System

The World’s Greatest POS System has so much more to offer than a standard cash register and receipt printer combo. Besides having a high-quality thermal printer, it gives you the tools you need to manage your business. Buy our system now to take advantage of the benefits, or request a quote below.
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The features available on our touch screens are just one of the many ways the POS+ system helps your business grow.Ask for a quote to learn how much our systems cost.Buy now to get a competitive advantage in your market.