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An increasing number of people are eligible and using
SNAP benefits. NRS PAY is here to help retailers, by
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How Can I Accept EBT at My Store?

Qualifying for and accepting SNAP / EBT at your small business is easier than you think. While many card processing providers take advantage of retailers with high rates and hidden fees, NRS PAY takes great pride in providing honest credit card processing. NRS PAY provides EBT Unlimited! So now you can accept SNAP for one easy monthly fee, with no transaction fees, hidden surprises or complicated bills.

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$49.95/mo. software fee

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Double Play: Unlimited EBT + EWIC

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* Pricing for “Unlimited EBT” plan assumes 1 credit card processing terminal. Each additional credit card
processing terminal will add an additional cost of $49.95/mo.

What is Electronic Benefits Transfer? (EBT)

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a card that is provided to low-income individuals all across the nation. It gets loaded by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) with a qualified cash value deposit once a month (on the first of the month), for the recipient to be able to purchase food goods and non-food goods at approved retailers.

What Can Customers
Buy with EBT?

EBT Food

EBT Food allows the recipient to buy any food that is not hot, for example the recipient may buy a frozen pizza but not a hot pizza, a cold coffee but not a hot coffee. This rule applies to all of the United States, with the exception of certain counties in California, Arizona and Rhode Island.

Any item that has a nutritional label can be purchased with EBT Food, except for tobacco, alcohol and medicine. Stores may sell prepared foods as long as they are cold, for example cold cuts, baked goods, beef jerky, candy, and prepared fruit.

EBT Cash

There is no license that a merchant has to apply for, in order to accept this benefit, as this is simply what its name says: CASH! SNAP loads the card with cash that can be withdrawn at participating ATMs or use the card at any participating retailer.

They can buy whatever they want, as there is no restriction on what can be bought with cash.

This is something that can be accepted not only at food shops but also at any retailer that might see a lot of EBT traffic, for example a clothing store.

Important SNAP Retailers
Allowable Items Information:

Benefits of

Ideal for all EBT

Lower cost in

One flat
monthly fee

No long-term
contract or ETF

Find EBT Retailers

Click here to use the FNS link to locate EBT stores across the USA. See who is offering SNAP in your neighborhood.

Need to process a manual
EBT voucher?

State-Specific Retailer Help

Select your state from the dropdown menu below to
find the proper
State-Specific Retailer Help Desk
number for processing a Manual
Voucher/Offline Food
Benefit Voucher.

1-800-477-8604 1-866-237-2493 1-877-262-9905 1-800-765-1438 1-866-328-4212 1-877-262-9905 1-855-891-6692 1-844-234-7854 1-888-225-0699 1-866-629-1102 1-888-248-4727 1-877-262-9905 1-877-262-9905 1-877-262-9905 1-800-418-8000 1-844-226-8212 1-800-414-1422 1-800-831-5235 1-877-262-9905 1-800-402-4745 1-800-477-7640 1-877-326-5899 1-866-891-7897 1-888-529-1693 1-800-831-5235 1-866-598-1772 1-888-277-6090 1-866-850-1563 1-877-262-9905 1-877-262-9905 1-800-831-5235 1-866-891-7954 1-800-429-5505 1-855-325-0910 1-800-831-5235 1-800-655-1397 1-866-568-2835 1-866-653-2865 1-800-831-5235 1-888-736-6328 1-787-289-7623 1-800-831-5235 1-800-554-5312 1-800-655-9203 1-888-225-4009 1-877-209-5339 1-844-891-2738 1-800-831-5235 1-866-884-2874 1-866-281-2449 1-877-262-9905 1-877-262-9905 1-877-415-5166 1-877-262-9905
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*EBT Unlimited is an NRS Pay program that is subject to terms and conditions. Visit for pricing and complete details. $49.95 per month for unlimited EBT transactions and no additional transaction fees. Requires NRS Pay processing service, which is subject to additional pricing, terms and conditions. EBT/SNAP is a government program, and all decisions regarding EBT/SNAP, including available benefits, are made by government agencies. NRS is not responsible for any such decisions. NRS Pay is a service of National Retail Solutions, Inc. Contract required. National Retail Solutions, Inc. is a registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc., Georgia, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN, and a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.