EBT and Your Gas Station – Symbiotic Success

A gas station owner may question why he should accept EBT (the modern, digital version of federally-issued food stamps) at his gas station c-store. After all, he may think, people use EBT cards at grocery stores, not at a service station convenience store. By not offering EBT acceptance, however, a gas station c-store may be missing out on several valuable benefits, including attracting more foot traffic to the mini-mart, bringing in more cars to their pumps and building customer loyalty.

EBT cards are used to buy government-classified staples such as milk, bread, fruits and vegetables, baby food and other essentials, some of which a gas station mini-mart may actually already offer. Those that don’t offer EBT items may want to consider adding SNAP items to their inventory.

For those who use EBT, the gas station mini-mart may not be synonymous with filling up their car at the pumps. In some cases, the gas station convenience store is the closest location within walking distance to purchase snacks and other grab-and-go foods. In this case, the service station c-store can function as a traditional convenience store and carrying EBT accepted items would boost revenue.

People who fill up their car at the gas pumps and realize that the c-store offers EBT, will likely go to the store for some essential items every time they fill up. This also gives merchants a step up from the competition with help building a loyal customer base. Your gas station, because you accept EBT in your c-store, will become the primary station your patrons regularly use. An increasing amount of foot traffic, inside the store and outside at the pumps, is a surefire way to generate increased revenue. And with extended hours often common at gas service stations and their mini-mart, you’ll be adding an extra level of convenience for late night visitors.

Accepting EBT raises your business’ standing in the community and integrates your service station into the fabric of the neighborhood. Those that need EBT and cannot find it elsewhere as close by, will sing your praises. Even those who aren’t eligible for EBT will also take the opportunity to buy from your extended offerings. Buying milk or bread at the service station mini-mart is convenient and saves your customers a trip to the grocery store.

Some business owners may think that the cost of EBT transactions will outweigh the benefit of accepting EBT sales. EBT acceptance, commonly offered by many credit card processing companies, can be expensive per transaction. This makes some shortsighted business owners hesitant to participate at SNAP providers. But NRS Pay offers an EBT Unlimited! program that makes it easy and cost-efficient for gas station c-store owners to accept EBT and increase profits. NRS EBT Unlimited! costs just one, low flat monthly fee of $49.95 with ZERO transaction fees throughout the month. There’s no fine print and there are no surprise hidden fees. It really is that simple.

The NRS Petro POS is uniquely built to be EBT compliant and makes it easy to accept EBT transactions. The Petro POS is pump-integrated, and provides the benefit of paying for in-store purchases at the same time as your gas. This is convenient for your customers as it will save them time paying separately for their groceries and their gas. For a gas station c-store owner, the NRS Petro POS, with many optional revenue-generating Premium Feature subscriptions and software bundle packages to choose from, is an all-in-one solution to help you grow.

As a leading provider of POS systems to independently owned stores across the country, NRS prides itself on its dedication to helping its clients succeed. If your gas station c-store doesn’t yet accept EBT and you’re interested in getting started, the NRS EBT team can help you get signed up as a SNAP provider. Our trained agents can help you evaluate the best EBT acceptance plan for your busy gas station convenience store.

NRS offers superb customer service, with representatives available to speak with clients by phone, via email and through online chats. To close the language barrier for the communities it proudly serves, NRS’ Customer Care team is fluent in English and Spanish.

Strongly consider signing up for NRS EBT Unlimited! program to leverage the full power of offering EBT to the community your gas station already serves. By adding EBT acceptance, the opportunities to grow your business are limitless!

To find out more about EBT Unlimited, visit nrsplus.com/ebt or call 888-677-3280.