Store Loyalty Programs

The NRS Loyalty Premium Feature allows the store owner to use the NRS POS to create programs to build customer retention. The POS tracks transactions, so that each time a customer visits the store, the retailer can efficiently implement a “BUY X – GET 1 FREE” club program and/or award the customer loyalty points.

This encourages customers to keep coming back to purchase more so they get rewards. The NRS Loyalty Premium Feature is available as a subscription add-on service and is bundled in and included within the Advanced software plan.

with Your

Loyalty programs
can drive 18-30%
increases in visits
and spend!

Loyalty Points &
Loyalty Clubs

Engaged shoppers are repeat shoppers, and today’s shopper expects rewards for loyalty. In a recent NRS poll, 58% of local business shoppers want to earn reward points, and will happily identify themselves at your store to receive them. An additional 40% of shoppers want loyalty clubs for “Buy X, Get 1 Free” rewards; throw out those paper punch cards!

The NRS Loyalty feature allows you to create Loyalty Points and Clubs programs for your customers. You know your business, and you know the programs that will best motivate your customers to keep coming back. NRS Loyalty gives you the tools to build the loyalty programs that will work best for your customers!

Loyalty Points Program

– Offer your customer a Points- per-Dollar rewards program

– Create your own points levels
(50 Points = Free Sandwich)

Loyalty Clubs Program

– Offer your customers “Buy X, Get 1 Free” rewards

– Replace paper punch cards

– Motivate repeat visits & purchases

Get to
Your Customers!

Customer Transaction History

– See customers’ recent
transaction history and items

– Look up your customers by
mobile number

Transaction History

How do you know who your biggest spenders are and what they’re buying? Sure, you recognize some, and your employees recognize others, but are you really sure who’s standing in your busy checkout line?

NRS Loyalty also includes our Customer Transaction History feature so you’ll have your customer’s purchase history at the click of a button. Once your customer provides their mobile number for your loyalty program, you’ll be able to see a summary of their recent visits and spend as well as a full history of their purchases. At a glance, you’ll know your customers’ shopping habits and be able to engage with them accordingly.

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Loyalty is included
in the Advanced Plan or
separately as a Premium