POS System Software

With robust hardware and intuitive software, POS+ is a powerful retail ecosystem that helps you organize your store, attract customers and increase your revenue.

POS System Software

The NRS POS+ includes point of sale software that controls the system’s hardware. POS system software makes the difference between a complete business management tool like the NRS POS+ and a typical cash register. Find out more about how the powerful POS+ software can help you manage your business for success.

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Powerful Merchant Software

Every POS+ system runs on Elmer software, which comes with many tools that can help you manage your business.

Digital Cash Register

Press a few easy-to-understand buttons on the touch screen to add up your customers purchases.

Store Statistics

Every transaction that goes through the POS+ is accurately tracked.

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User Management

Give your employees access to use only the features you want. For example, your cashier might not need to know about your sales reports or inventory. You can permit them to only use the program tools required for their job. Avoid privacy problems or accidents that waste time and money.

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tools let you know when to reorder important products.


Keep all your item prices in one place, including branded products and in-store items.

Vendor Payments

Keep a list of every vendor you work with, and record your payments to them.

Store Promotions

Enter your store’s discounts and promotions into the POS+, and the software will automatically add them during checkout.

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The All-in-One POS System

Our complete POS+ comes with the best point of sale system software to compete with big chain stores. We designed the software to help you understand it, even if you don’t know much about technology. You don’t have to get an expensive system or a technology team to keep up with the market.Buy our system today to take advantage of all these features, or request a quote for more information.

All-In-One POS
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The features available on our touch screens are just one of the many ways the POS+ system helps your business grow. Ask for a quote to learn how much our systems cost. Buy now to get a competitive advantage in your market.