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Bakery POS System

You can’t replace the unique recipes sold at a community bakery. However, big chain stores try to take over the local bakery market from small businesses all the time. They have technology that seems expensive or hard to use. National Retail Solutions’ POS+ system has an all-in-one cash register and tools for managing your bakery. We’ll also give you easy-to-understand support in English and Spanish. Your bakery can succeed against any level of competition using our system.

A POS System for Bakeries

POS+ acts as an all-in-one cash register for your bakery and comes with many features that help you operate your business more efficiently. In addition to a touch screen register, the POS+ system features:
  • POS+ software: The POS+ system’s proprietary software has robust features for managing your sales. Generate store statistics, manage system users, add items to your pricebook and more.
  • Inventory tracking features: Thanks to the POS+ software’s inventory tracking capabilities, you can monitor an item’s stock. Set the products you want to track and their amounts, then let the system monitor them as they sell.
  • Cashier touch screen: You and your cashiers will operate POS+ using a convenient touch screen. Touch screen technology will save counter space and increase your efficiency through a simple interface.
  • Customer-facing screen: As you ring up items, your customers will see their transaction details on a display. This screen also shows when they can buy more items to get a discount, encouraging more sales.
  • Barcode scanner: The POS+ barcode scanner hardware can read manufacturer and custom-printed barcodes. Print your own barcodes to create a scannable catalog or mark prepackaged baked goods.
  • Receipt printer: Since the POS+ receipt printer uses thermal printing, you will only need to buy the compatible paper. This heat-based printing method doesn’t require you to purchase ink.
  • Cash drawer: The sturdy POS+ cash drawer will securely hold cash and checks using a heavy-duty stainless steel design. It integrates with POS+ to open and close during sales.
  • Backup battery unit: We provide a backup battery unit as part of the POS+ bundle to increase your efficiency. This device will keep your system on for two to three hours after an outage or surge.
  • My NRS Store app: POS+ integrates with the My NRS Store app so you can take its robust features anywhere with an internet connection. Manage your bakery sales using your phone or tablet.
Combined with add-ons like our payment processing service, POS+ provides everything you need to manage your bakery’s sales. This POS system for bakeries will help you monitor your sales and inventory so you can focus on delivering stand-out treats and customer service. Its reliable hardware will ensure your bakery runs smoothly.

Using the POS+ Point of Sale System for Your Bakery

Thanks to the robust features available from POS+, you will have the opportunity to manage your bakery like never before. Discover how to grow business with POS+ below.
Bakery Bread

Keep The Line Moving

The POS+ register works with the scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer to check out your customers fast. Scan an item, enter its code or type in a price to add it to the purchase. Use the One-Click Items menu to add your most popular baked goods to the sale with just the press of a button. Your customers will be able to see the items you add to the purchase on a screen facing their side of the counter. Once you ring everything up, they’ll have the chance to use our optional card reader to pay the way they want.

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POS system screen with Pricebook Management Software

Add Custom Products

Your one-of-a-kind bakery items deserve their own product categories. Even though our system comes with thousands of popular items, only you can define your baking. The In-Store Items screen lets you add your unique products to the POS+ pricebook and create one-click buttons to ring the items up. If an item changes, you can edit its name and price whenever you like. Give it a product code or label to scan it.

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POS system register screen showing total due

Ring Up Special Orders

When a customer requests a special order like a birthday cake, you can make the check out process faster with POS+. Use barcode stickers to create a custom catalog you can scan to add a custom item to an order. Create special items with the in-store items feature so you can choose a unique product with a tap. You can also use the in-store items feature for add-ons that cost extra, such as special flavors or decorations. POS+ gives you many ways to customize the check out experience for your customers.

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Food Scale Icon

Use Integrated and Label Scales

Some food sells by the pound, while others sell by quantity. Bakeries usually have both kinds. The POS+ pricebook gives you the choice to sell a product by weight or number — it’s easy to set a price per item or per pound.

Once you have your prices in place, you can quickly and easily enter items during checkout. Create a price per unit for each product, and the system can tell if it should weigh or count. Integrate a scale with the POS+ to weigh baked goods as you make a sale. Our scale and register even work together to add up the price for you.

POS System Create Promotions Screen

Keep The Line Moving

Certain bakery customers visit to get their bread for the day. Meanwhile, others want to buy baked goods at your store that will last them for the week. You can use the POS+ to generate discounts that attract both kinds of customers.

The Promotions menu lets you create deals for single or multiple items. Reduce the price of a product you want to sell quickly. Encourage your customers to buy more of a product by lowering the price only when they buy a certain number (ex. Buy 2 and Save). The system will automatically deduct the correct amount of money from the purchase of discounted items. If your customer can buy more of an item to save money, the customer screen will let them know.

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NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Accept All Major Card Payments

In today’s shopping world, many customers don’t carry cash or don’t have enough to make larger purchases. As a result, having hardware that accepts payment cards opens up your business to more sales. Our EMV card reader takes every major payment method, including chip cards and mobile payments like Google/Apple Pay. Customers who use EBT to buy food can use their cards on qualifying products. A low flat rate makes our payment processing services affordable for bakeries like yours.

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We Help Small Bakeries Grow

Your bakery should have the same chance to grow that big stores have. Our POS+ technology helps you compete with chain stores. Visit our online store to buy the system, or request a quote for a special order.

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