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Big Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses 2022

The biggest shopping day of the year will be upon us soon. This year, Black Friday is on November 25. The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” because it can make or break businesses’ profits for the year. The opportunity gives stores a means to finish the year “in the black” after operating in […]

minimum wage in 2022

Minimum Wage by State in 2022

An important piece of knowledge for anyone in the workforce is minimum wage. This refers to the lowest amount that an employee can be paid for their labor. However, many states have different standards for pay, which can heavily impact workers. Throughout the years, minimum wage has started to increase as demanded by many in […]

carbon offsetting

Is Carbon Offsetting Worth It? All You Need to Know

Reducing your net carbon emissions by purchasing credits to fund clean energy and other carbon-reducing projects worldwide is an exciting proposition. The opportunity to be an environmentally-friendly company that cares about the planet and is willing to take action to help make for a healthier place for future generations creates a positive vibe among your […]

time management skills

Time Management Skills Every Small Business Owner Should Have

By managing and planning effectively, you can increase revenue and success in your small business. This entails taking the time to assess and brainstorm what would be beneficial for your business, which leads to the need for time management skills to ensure that every task and occurrence at your store is handled correctly. By you […]

how to manage vacation time

How to Manage Vacation Time & PTO for Your Small Business

Regardless of how much you as a business owner appreciate that your company is running smoothly and that your employees enjoy working with you, they may require a break, preferably paid. You may wonder how much vacation and PTO time you need to give yourself and your employees and how challenging it may be to […]

ecommerce product photography

Guide to Ecommerce Product Photography: Ideas, Setup & More

Online shopping has grown in popularity in recent years, so it is critical to ensure that your store has all of the necessary elements to provide a good shopping experience for customers. The website should list the store’s products online with high-quality images. This entails having an idea of how you want to present your […]

how to use inventory management

How to Use Inventory Management to Increase ROI for Your Small Business

What is Inventory Management? Inventory management is when a business owner controls the amount of merchandise in-store and online. There are several factors to remember while tracking inventory, such as keeping hot-selling items on hand, avoiding over-ordering, and determining when to put products on clearance or markdown. Business owners may also want to implement efficient […]