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What is a Cash Wrap & How Can it Help Retail Sales

What is a Cash Wrap? Cash wraps, when used correctly, can be an important part of a retail store’s income production. Customers pay for items in a retail establishment using cash wraps. This compartment, however, is much more than a cash register. The cash wrap encompasses the entire checkout counter,[…]

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POS System vs. Payment Terminal

There are two ways for Mom-and-Pop shops to go about transferring data from a credit card during a sale. One is through a POS system and the other an independent payment terminal. The difference between the two is how the data is captured, in an all-in-one POS system or a[…]

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How the NRS POS Helps Hardware Stores Succeed

There are lots of nuts, bolts and screws that go into running a mom-and-pop hardware store, business-wise and literally. There are tools and supplies lining the shelves, including aisles full of fasteners. Hundreds of these large and small items alike have their own UPC. This is why hardware stores absolutely[…]

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Your Store Needs a Secure POS System

Your Store Needs a Secure POS System You may have security measures like surveillance cameras, alarm systems and locked cash drawers in place to prevent break-ins and theft in your store, but have you considered whether your point-of-sale (POS) system is secure? Whether through a physical break-in or a virtual[…]

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Why a Tablet is Better Used as a Toy than as a POS

You may have a touch-screen tablet at home you can use to read ebooks, check your email, play games and listen to music. Tablets have become popular devices since Apple released the original iPad in 2010. Today, around half of Americans own a tablet. You may have also seen some merchants using[…]

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