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How to Upgrade your Gas Station without Breaking a Bank

The pandemic, skyrocketing gas costs, and the necessity to become EMV-compliant have all combined to make the last two years a disaster for small gas station operators. NRS Funding can provide cash for your company and help with expenses that you may have trouble with. During the peak of the[…]

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Expert’s Opinion: How POS equipment has affected the C-store market…

The evolution of Point of Sale (POS) technology has been one of the most significant recent developments in the C-store and small market independent industries.The point of sale (POS) is the heart of a store’s eco-system. By embracing modern technology, a POS system for your small to mid-sized C-store has[…]

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Updating Your POS Terminal Hardware Helps Drive a Successful Business

Every small-to medium-sized, independently-owned business needs a competent, current point of sale (POS) system. The use of a credit card processor and a cash register as the only components of a modern point-of-sale system is no longer sufficient. Indeed, premium features in the top point-of-sale (POS) systems may help company[…]

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What is a Cash Wrap & How Can it Help Retail Sales

What is a Cash Wrap? Cash wraps, when used correctly, can be an important part of a retail store’s income production. Customers pay for items in a retail establishment using cash wraps. This compartment, however, is much more than a cash register. The cash wrap encompasses the entire checkout counter,[…]

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POS System vs. Payment Terminal

There are two ways for Mom-and-Pop shops to go about transferring data from a credit card during a sale. One is through a POS system and the other an independent payment terminal. The difference between the two is how the data is captured, in an all-in-one POS system or a[…]

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