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Adult Tobacco
Consumers in the
United States


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Consumer Store
Visits per Month


Adult Tobacco
Consumers are
Loyal to Their Brand


Avg. Amount Tobacco
Consumers Spend in
Store on Each Visit

About NRS Tobacco Scan Data

NRS submits your POS scan data, and you are eligible to participate in Multi-Pack and Loyalty Promotions. You do NOTHING! – and get paid monthly by tobacco manufacturers for your tobacco sales.

Now NRS offers easy plans where you simply accept your monthly promotions and we upload all your eligible promotions with the correct rate, run them for the proper duration, and report them.

Automatic Promotion Upload is eligible for some manufacturers. Plus, you can earn up to 10¢ per carton, based upon your sales volume, which helps offset your Tobacco Scan Data account fee.

Choose a Single or Double Tobacco Scan Data Plan

No long-term contract required. Tax additional. Tobacco accounts with manufacturers are required for participation.
One manufacturer:
Without NRS PAY
Two manufacturers:
Includes FREE License ID Scanning (Requires ID Scanner Purchase)
Without NRS PAY

Learn more about how to get tobacco buydowns & rewards:

Tobacco accounts are required for participation:
Don’t have a Phillip Morris account?

To set up your account, call (866) 928-3510

Don’t yet have a RJ Reynolds account?

To set up your account, call (800) 974-2227

*All tobacco sales scan data programs are operated and maintained by tobacco manufacturers. Eligibility for the programs and all terms are determined by each manufacturer. For terms, contact the tobacco manufacturers. NRS provides a seamless data reporting service that helps retailers take advantage of tobacco sales programs. Programs may not be available in all states. Monthly fees based on number of plans and whether merchant bundles with NRS Pay processing services. Tax not included. NRS is not responsible for promotional payments and not liable for errors and omissions. By participating in the program, retailer assumes all responsibility for setup of promotions in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. NRS Pay is a service of National Retail Solutions, Inc. Contract required. National Retail Solutions, Inc. is a registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc., Georgia, a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN. National Retail Solutions, Inc. is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.

Sign up for Tobacco Scan Data!

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NOTE: You must have a Tobacco Account with Phillip Morris and/or RJ Reynolds to participate in this program.

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