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Meat Market POS System

Your butcher shop or meat market gives the community a place to buy important ingredients. You might even have meats unique to your culture that can’t be found anywhere else in the neighborhood. To keep on providing your neighbors with their favorite meats, you need to keep up with the technology used at big grocery stores. National Retail Solutions’ point of sale (POS) system gives meat markets an all-in-one cash register and store management tools, so you can stay authentic while still providing customers with a modern shopping experience.

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Understand Your Vendors and Purchases

You probably get your meat and supplies from a variety of sources. When you buy from so many vendors, it can be hard to see where you spend your money. Our system lets you record the items you buy from vendors so you can see how much you are spending with each vendor over time. The POS+ does all the math for you so you can have accurate records. You can see which vendors work with you the most so you can understand how to prioritize relationships, and when it may be time to negotiate!

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Weigh Meat and Other Products

When you only have a cash register, you have to use multiple machines to count meat prices. If you sell your meat by weight, you have to go back and forth from the register to the scale. You can integrate a scale with the POS+ so you can weigh and price your meat during check-out. Once you set a price per pound, the POS will do the math for you and add the cost to the sale total.

Sell Meat When It's Fresh

Your customers want the freshest meat they can get. The software features that come with the POS+ will help you understand your customers’ preferences so you can always make sure to have the freshest, best meats available. The inventory and store statistics features on the POS+ show you when you need to buy more product, and tell you which product categories sell the best.

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Offer a Loyalty Program

Customers on a budget sometimes feel like they have to shop at bigger stores to get discounts. The POS+ lets you create your own in-store promotions and automatically adds discounted amounts during checkouts. If you sell packaged grocery items in addition to meat, you can offer sales through the BR Club loyalty program, which comes free with every POS+ system. When a customer saves money, we pay it back to you within 24 hours. BR Club looks just as professional as the loyalty programs at big stores, so you can make your items more affordable for your community without losing money.

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Why Choose POS+ as Your Meat Market POS Software?

We designed POS+ to give meat markets the same POS technology options as big chain stores. In addition to critical features like store statistics and card processing, we offer extra conveniences to your and your customers. Enjoy these advantages of picking POS+ as the POS system for your meat market:

BR Club loyalty program

The BR Club loyalty program works exclusively with the NRS POS+ System. With the BR Club, you can give your customers the hottest discounts on big brands at no cost to you!

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BR Club App

The BR Club online ordering app enables customers to order from your store online! The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your NRS POS and sorts them into categories. Customers can then order from your store and pick up their order when it’s ready for fast and easy checkout.

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my nrs store app

Take your meat market's POS system with you wherever you go. With the My NRS Store app, you can manage POS+ using your phone or tablet from anywhere you can access the internet. Manage your vendor relationships, track sales and inventory, and manage users and settings.

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Credit Card Processing Also Available

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use card payments for everyday purchases. Our credit card processing machine accepts ALL forms of card payments and integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS+. The credit card reader also accepts EBT payments for items that you select in the POS as being eligible for EBT. This cohesive interaction between the POS+ and the credit card processors' EBT capabilities is not offered by most POS companies.

Keep Up With the Competition

The POS+ helps you fight back against the market dominance of big chain stores. We give you the tools you need to compete with them while staying true to your values. You can buy POS+ online or request a quote for more than one service.