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Going Green at Your Gas Pumps

Consumers today are more environmentally conscious than ever. The “Go Green” movement is in full effect and its impact has raised environmental sustainability awareness among independently owned businesses as well. Customers are quick to praise, and pledge their loyalty to, convenience stores and mini-marts that have banned plastic bags or[…]

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Benefits of NRS Petro to Meet EMV Compliance Regulations

NRS Petro Yet another EMV regulation, this one with a potentially massive price tag, is coming to gas stations in the United States in April 2021. Fortunately, National Retail Solutions (NRS) has the most cost-effective solution available to meet EMV compliance guidelines: NRS Petro POS, NRS Forecourt Controller, NRS EMV[…]

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Everything You Need to Know About EMV Compliance

Time is rapidly running out – less than five months to be exact – for service gas stations in the United States to install EMV compliant systems at their pumps that allow their customers to make credit card transactions with the chip on their cards as opposed to magnetic swiping,[…]

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Fight Fraud and Feel Secure with the NRS Petro EMV Compliance System

New regulations requiring gas stations to implement EMV compliant pumps that go into effect in April 2021, have been understandably causing massive stress, especially among independent station owners, due to the exorbitant cost of upgrading, replacing or retrofitting their pumps, not to mention lost business due to shutdown of the[…]

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Introducing NRS Petro – An Affordable EMV Compliance System

WHAT IS GAS STATION EMV COMPLIANCE? In April 2021, new major credit card network regulations take effect that requires all gas stations in the United States to employ EMV-compliant credit card readers at the pumps. EMV-compliant pumps allow for more secure and convenient transaction options than the traditional magnetic strip[…]

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