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Merchant Touch
Screen POS Machine

The NRS POS machine is a powerful business management tool. Our merchant touch screen POS system lets you manage transactions seamlessly. It acts as a convenient touch screen point of sale monitor loaded with plenty of features. You can easily handle all your transactions on this touch screen cash register. The merchant monitor boasts a large display with clearly labeled buttons that make perfect sense. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to excel in business with this powerful tool.

Why Choose the NRS Touch
Screen Cash Register System?

We included a touch screen in our POS design to offer numerous benefits to our customers.
When you use a POS with a touch screen computer, you use a touch screen POS system
designed to boost your business. Here’s how:
Increased Speed

Our merchant touch screen POS terminal is engineered for efficiency. You don't need extra equipment like a mouse or number pad; just tap the screen to work faster. Custom buttons further streamline tasks, requiring fewer taps.

Improved Ease of Use

Touch screen cash registers feature easy-to-read buttons that anyone can use, regardless of tech experience. A well-designed layout makes navigating the merchant touch screen POS system even simpler.

Space Efficiency

Using a touch screen POS terminal to operate your cash register and other POS elements saves space, making it ideal for small businesses with limited room.

When you choose our touch screen POS system, you’ll quickly understand why thousands of small independent retailers across the United States rely on the NRS POS.
Ready for Easy?

Touch Screen POS Cash Register

Every POS machine from NRS comes with a 15-inch retail display. This touch
screen POS monitor serves multiple functions for the manager or cashier:

Manage the POS System

The touch screen POS monitor makes navigating various business tools available on the POS a breeze. It features large, easy-to-understand buttons for effortless operation.

Check Out Customers

Use the intuitive buttons on the merchant touch display to quickly check out your customers. Combined with the touch screen cash register and scanner, this setup allows you to scan products and complete transactions quickly.
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Discover the Key Features
of Your Advanced Display Screen

Clear Picture

The high-definition touch screen POS monitor ensures that buttons and interface elements look crystal clear. This clarity helps you easily manage your system and check-outs.

Large Size

The generous dimensions of the merchant monitor provide ample space for accurate touch input. If you've struggled with touch displays, you'll appreciate the room to select your options.

Comfortable Angle

The display faces you at an ergonomic angle, making it more comfortable to use the all in one touch screen POS terminal. This design also helps you avoid neck and back strain.

Cord Cover

A cover can be placed over the back after connecting the system to your power outlet and accessories. This keeps your cord connections protected and neatly organized.

Your Touch Screen Cash
Register’s Layout

When you log into the software, you’ll land on a home screen organized by feature. This
layout serves as your gateway to various functionalities of your POS touch screen cash
register system, such as:

This features a large number pad and a summary of your current transaction. It also offers big buttons for additional register features.


Navigate through large, clear buttons that describe each department. A few taps let you manage names and items.


Browse through the various services available from NRS, all presented on easy-to-understand buttons.


Displays products in a list format, simplifying managing and selecting item details.

User management

Each user’s name appears on a distinct, large button, making edits straightforward.


Designed for clarity, this merchant monitor provides all the essential info to keep your POS touch screen cash register system running smoothly.

We aim to make every aspect of the system user-friendly, with layouts
featuring spacious buttons to accommodate users of all tech levels.
Upgrade Your Checkout —

Enhance Customer Experience with
a Second Customer-Facing Screen

The system comes with a second display that faces your customers! During checkout,
customers will view this high-definition POS touch screen computer on their side of the
register. Our customer-facing screens range from 12 to 21 inches and display:
Items and Prices

The display shows each item’s price and the total transaction cost.


Any programmed discounts are automatically applied and displayed to the customer, reducing the total cost.


The right side of the display features ads from both your store and our company. These ads help us maintain low pricing. You can also display your ads for a small fee or sell ad space to local merchants.

What Makes POS+ Different From 

a Touch Screen Cash Register?

With POS+, you’re getting far more than just a touch screen POS cash register. This all-in-one system offers many features tailored for small businesses like yours. Unlike a basic cash register, POS+ provides specialized benefits that truly set it apart.
A Complete Set of POS
Hardware for Transactions
Expert Customer Support
and Free Loyalty Program
Feature-Rich Software for
Streamlined Operations
Tap into Efficiency —

Additional Services for Your
Touch Screen Retail POS System

Businesses relying on our system can also take advantage
of these extra services from NRS:
Extra Activities:
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