All-In-One POS System for Convenience Stores and Bodegas

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POS System in a Convenience Store

Convenience Store POS System

Your bodega convenience store brings people together and allows your customers to find a piece of home in a large, overwhelming city. While the big chain stores take a one-size-fits-all approach to business, you truly understand your customers’ unique needs.

Big box convenience stores use technology to give them a leg up on independently owned stores. Hard-working entrepreneurs like you deserve the same opportunities. Fortunately, National Retail Solutions’ POS+ point of sale system comes at an affordable price for bodegas, mini markets and gas stations — and it includes so many more options than a regular cash register.

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Offer Promotions at No Extra Cost

Many small convenience stores don’t have the budget to create promotions. They end up needing to raise their prices in order to keep up with chain stores who have the money to offer discounts. The good news is that we provide a solution.

The BR Club Loyalty Program lets you give your customers a savings card for free. Once they get a card, they won’t have to go to the big box store to save money. We’ll take care of the promotion prices and pay you back for the money your customers save. Everyone in your community will have the chance to afford your items, and your products will go off the shelves faster, helping you rotate your inventory.

In addition to the BR Club, you also have the ability to create your very own promotional offers for products available in your pricebook on your convenience store register. The discounts are automatically added during checkout.

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Sales and Inventory Reporting

Manage Your Sales and Inventory

The POS+ system tracks every sale you make. You’ll just need to check out purchases using the included equipment. Use the Store Statistics feature to look at your total sales for the day, week, month or year.

You can also keep track of the remaining amount of each item left in your inventory. Enter the starting number in your stock, and the system will subtract products as they sell. Once the number reaches a certain level, it will show up on the Inventory screen as a product to restock either soon or right away.

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NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Not every customer keeps cash in their wallet. If you don’t take payment cards, you can lose business to bigger convenience stores. Through NRS Pay®, our credit card reader charges a flat rate of 2.49 percent, plus 10 cents per purchase. It has the latest chip technology and takes all major payment forms. Businesses that process over $10,000 every month can save even more money on their charges. The POS+ card reader comes free with a three-year agreement.

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Get Easy-to-Understand Training and Support

If you have little experience with technology, you might not understand a POS system right away. That’s okay — we can help you figure it out. When you buy a POS+ system, you’ll get free training for you and for your employees. We’ll install your system for you and explain how it works. If you need more help, you’ll be happy to know that we have online videos in English and Spanish that can teach you about every feature. You can even watch the videos right now!

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The POS+ system can give you all the features the chain stores have at a price you can afford. Use our online store to buy the system today, or request a quote to learn more.

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