NRS Panic
Alarm Button

The NRS POS helps keep your
store safe

JUST $9.95/mo.

($12.95/mo. without NRS Pay)

POS button
police for help

A “long hold” on the “No Sale” button on
your touchscreen also opens the cash drawer.

IMPORTANT: An active internet connection is critical for this feature!

Getting set up is easy

Contact your NRS Sales Agent to get started.
Or call (888) 755-9838

You can activate a request to turn on this
feature, directly via your POS interface:

On your POS, go to:
Contact us for more information:

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*NRS Panic Button is a premium, add-on service offered by National Retail Solutions, Inc. (“NRS”) that is subject to additional terms, conditions, and pricing structure. Monthly subscription and monitoring contract required. Licensed under local alarm installation partners (NY/NJ: LIC#12000017671; TX: LIC#B24152001; GA: LIC#LVU405503; FL: LIC#EF20000421). More info at NRS is not liable for third party errors and omissions or damages caused by the inoperability/malfunction of the service. NRS reserves the right to change the premium offerings and related terms and pricing at any time. For pricing and full details call (888) 755-9838 or visit