POS With Sturdy Cash Drawer

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POS With Sturdy Cash Drawer

At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we understand that a useful point-of-sale system needs top-quality design in every aspect. That’s why we provide a sturdy cash drawer with every POS+ hardware bundle. Our point of sale with a cash drawer keeps all your payment forms safe so that you can focus on boosting your business. Find out how the POS+ cash drawer secures your money and works with the rest of the system.

Durable, Stainless Steel Design

Our manufacturers use stainless steel to create our money drawers. This heavy-duty material offers the following features:

  • Temperature resistance: Stainless steel holds up in high and low temperatures so that your money stays secure in emergencies.
  • Easy cleaning: Since stainless steel has a smooth texture, you can easily clean the register and keep your employees and customers healthy.
  • Durability: Your stainless steel cash drawer can withstand the frequent use required for retail business.

These benefits improve the business experience for your employees and your customers.
Upgrade Your Cash Register

Heavy-Duty Lock

The cash drawer’s lock has two unlocking options – with a key or the point-of-sale software. We still use keys to lock cash register drawers because of their reliability and simplicity. Entrust your cash drawer key to a trusted manager, and keep another copy on your person. You can also open the drawer through our secure point of sale software.

Seamless Integration With POS+ Software

As part of our point-of-sale system’s convenient design, our manufacturers engineered the cash drawer to work with the POS+ software. When you make a sale, the cash drawer opens so that you can exchange money. You can transfer money to your safety deposit account and record it while the POS keeps track of the cash you have left in the register.

Compatibility With POS+ Hardware

We collaborated with our manufacturers to create an all-in-one solution for your business. POS+ comes with a comprehensive bundle of hardware that includes our cash drawer, two monitors and a scanner. All POS+ hardware components work seamlessly with with one another and with the POS+ software. You can also buy accessories for the system that work with the rest of the hardware and software.

Add an EMV Reader at an Affordable Price

To further expand your payment options, you can add a payment card reader to your bundle. Everyone who signs a three-year POS+ agreement gets an EMV reader for free. This hardware complements your cash drawer by giving your customers more payment options. In addition to paying with cash or check, they get the option to pay with a card or mobile payment. Your customers can also combine cash and card payments when they need flexibility.
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Every POS+ system comes with our sturdy cash drawer. We created the POS+ point-of-sale system to help community businesses compete in their markets. When you become a POS+ user, you join a network of small companies working hard for their neighborhoods. Let us partner with you to empower you to reach your goals. For more information about The World’s Greatest POS System, contact our sales team today.
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