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Tips to Adapt Your Business During Omicron

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on small to medium-sized, independently-owned businesses. The world was expecting the virus to ease down a few months ago, but Omicron threw the world a big surprise. Today, small businesses are struggling to survive and adapt to the pandemic. However, there are several ways to[…]

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Crime is on the Rise – Protect Your Store with a Panic Alarm

“This is a robbery!” the thief shouts aggressively while brandishing a weapon. This is the most terrifying situation that a bodega, convenience, grocery or other retail store owner can imagine. The feelings of fear and helplessness are unimaginable. Unfortunately, this scenario has become all too prevalent in small, mom-and-pop stores,[…]

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eWIC Card: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about eWIC for a moment. Assistance programs are opening up all across the country and the numbers of people and eWIC redemption is increasing. Anyone presently enrolled in the WIC program (as well as new members) will be able to claim their benefits digitally with this handy new[…]

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Become an NRS Weekend Warrior!

Due to the economic downturn and for many reasons, more people than ever are taking on second jobs, either part-time or working around the clock to make ends meet. Many are starting side-businesses beyond their primary day job. According to the US Census Bureau, about 13 million workers have more[…]

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How Offering Pick Up and Drop Off Parcel Service Can Help Your Business

Online shopping is easy, convenient and hassle free. Items that may be out of stock at a brick and mortar store are easy to find online and can save customers a wasted trip on foot. Especially these days, retailers are selling more and more online. Browsing and buying online allows[…]

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