POS System With Optional Backup Battery Unit

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POS System With Optional Backup Battery Unit

POS from National Retail Solutions, Inc. includes everything you need to run a smooth business. There’s an option to purchase a backup battery unit. Your POS backup battery power keeps your system functioning when you need it. As part of our All-in-One point of sale system, the backup battery works with the software and hardware to make sure your system is safe from power outages. Learn more about the POS backup battery power and how it can improve your business.

The POS Backup Battery Unit

A backup battery unit, also known as an uninterruptible power supply, connects your POS system and power outlet. It receives power from the outlet and sends it to your system. The battery in the power unit starts working when your outlet stops giving the system power so that your point of sale system can keep running.

This battery has multiple features. In the event of a power outage, the POS battery offers two to three hours of power. When you have 10 minutes of power remaining, the POS shuts down to protect your information. The battery unit also works as a surge protector, defending your point of sale from power surges caused by storms. Your backup battery power unit will also have:

  • Seven outlets, including five outlets connected to the battery
  • One USB charging port
  • A 5-foot power cord
  • Battery life of three to five years

You get to enjoy these features along with the benefits that come with the World’s Greatest POS System.

Why Use Backup Power?

Backup power helps your business in two ways. First, it protects your POS system’s sales information and hardware from changes in energy. Second, it makes your business more efficient with its convenient features.
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How Backup Battery Power Can Protect Your System

Your battery unit protects your information, software and hardware by defending against sudden changes in power that can create a malfunction. When the power surges or goes out, it can cause a shutdown or overload the system. Unexpected shutdowns can cause you to lose data, and a power overload can damage your hardware. Since your battery unit prevents both of these situations, your information and POS system stay safe.
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Running Your Business With Backup Battery Power

When you use a backup battery unit with POS, you can improve your business’ efficiency by:

  • Saving time: The time you lose when your power goes out causes lost business and profits. Battery power protects you from losing time when you have a sudden outage.
  • Reducing costs: Power issues can result in equipment replacements or lost profits. Your battery unit protects your hardware and helps you maintain your profits during outages or surges.
  • Keeping your workflow steady: When your power goes out and shuts down your system, you don’t get to decide when you stop working — the power does. Alternatively, a battery lets you finish your work before finding a solution to your outage.

The backup power unit helps us keep our promise of providing a reliable POS system.

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