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location for your gas station

How to Choose a Location for Your Gas Station

When choosing a gas station, location is the most critical factor in determining how much traffic a gas station will attract. Like any small business, finding the ideal location is always based on having a solid game plan. The plan serves as the company’s blueprint and must include not only[…]

step by step guide to opening a gas station

Step by Step Guide to Opening a Gas Station

Opening a gas station can be complicated, but this shouldn’t discourage you from doing so. It is a fantastic opportunity to open a business in this industry since fuel is in high demand. With millions of drivers filling up their tanks daily to get where they need to go, it[…]

hybrid car tips for gas station owners

Hybrid Car Recharging Station Tips for Gas Station Owners

People are looking for ways to save money on fuel as gas prices continue to rise. Since the invention of hybrid and electric cars, many people have switched to driving them since they do not worry about gas prices. The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles has become a significant[…]

the rise of gas prices

The Rise of Gas Prices & How Gas Station Owners Can Adapt

The nation’s rising and exponential increase in gas prices has become the bane of drivers and service station operators. According to AAA, the national average is now $4.619 per gallon, and the price will only go higher. Since Russian oil imports are limited, prices will rise due to supply chain[…]

cash discounting at gas stations

Cash Discounting at Gas Stations

Since the economy has recovered and Corona isn’t as prevalent anymore since the vaccines came out, society now feels safer going out and traveling around the world. However, gas production has been lagging, causing gas prices to rise, making it harder for people to travel. Gas prices have been increasing[…]

how to upgrade your gas station

How to Upgrade your Gas Station without Breaking a Bank

The pandemic, skyrocketing gas costs, and the necessity to become EMV-compliant have all combined to make the last two years a disaster for small gas station operators. NRS Funding can provide cash for your company and help with expenses that you may have trouble with. During the peak of the[…]

EBT and Your Gas Station – Symbiotic Success

A gas station owner may question why he should accept EBT (the modern, digital version of federally-issued food stamps) at his gas station c-store. After all, he may think, people use EBT cards at grocery stores, not at a service station convenience store. By not offering EBT acceptance, however, a[…]