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Own the “World’s Greatest POS System”

NRS’ industry-leading Point of Sale bundle comes with everything you need to offer customers a quick and seamless checkout experience, including heavy-duty hardware that’s built to last, state-of-the-art merchant software, and unique integrations with Boss Revolution®, the BR Club customer loyalty program, plus optional NRS Pay credit card processing.

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Everything You Need
for a Seamless Checkout Experience

15″ display loaded with plenty of user-friendly tools & features

Keeps your customers engaged at the checkout counter

No messy ink cartridges to deal with! Fast, efficient receipt printing

Keeps the line moving quickly with lightning fast UPC scanning

Your cash is secure with the heavy-duty lock drawer

Swipe, dip, tap or key payments with adding an integrated card reader

NRS POS Details

State-of-the-Art Point Of Sale Software

NRS’ powerful POS software helps you efficiently manage your store using a comprehensive suite of tools designed for independent retailers. Customize your buttons and colors. Access your data. Manage your POS remotely via app and web.

NRS Pay Credit Card Processing​
Integrate NRS Pay with your POS for a one-stop-shop! Accept all forms of payments, including Credit/Debit, EBT, Apple/Google Pay and more. Choose from two money-saving plans! Add on Rapid Same-Day Funding, EBT Unlimited! and more.
Customer-Facing Display

Keep your customers engaged at the checkout counter, with the sleek 15” customer-facing screen. You can run your own ads on your POS!

Robust Point-of-Sale Hardware and Features

The NRS Point of Sale comes with hardware components and features that help you organize and improve efficiency, plus lots of extra add-on bells and whistles to help you make more money:

Powerful software

NRS’ proprietary software utilizes state-of-the-art POS technology. Our cloud-based software network updates automatically.

Our team of engineers is always working on new updates to add time-saving, revenue-generating features for an even better POS experience.

NRS’ POS software is custom-designed to help you grow your business.

Efficient inventory tracking

NRS POS software includes sophisticated inventory tracking features to help you manage your stock.

The POS helps you know exactly what you have in your storage room and what’s out on your shelves.

It can be set to send you reminders when items run into a low inventory threshhold; which means you don’t have to rely on a clerk to be checking shelves.

Easy-to-use touch screen

POS users operate the software with a user-friendly touch screen. The large 15-inch screen sits at a comfortable angle for you and your cashiers’ convenience.

The customizable touch screen interface is intuitive for users – even newbies or non-English speakers.

With just a little training, new employees can easily understand and use the POS.

Engaging customer-facing screen

As your customers check out, they’ll see a customer-facing screen with all the information they need about their transaction.

It will feature the discounts they earn each month, as well as incentives to buy more.

You can run your own customer-facing screen ads to promote in-store specials; up to three ads, depending which software package you choose.

Convenient barcode scanner

With the barcode scanner, you can ring up items quickly. Using a hand-held scanner saves time.

The scanner lets you easily update your inventory.

Scanning items into your pricebook is easy! And did you know… The NRS POS comes with thousands of pre-programmed UPCs.

Sturdy metal cash drawer with lock

At NRS, we understand the importance of building reliability and quality into every part of our POS system.

That’s why we integrated a heavy-duty cash drawer with our POS, to secure your money.

It works seamlessly with the POS software to simplify the checkout experience.

Thermal receipt printer

Our thermal receipt printer uses the latest technology for faster and more cost-effective printing.

Since it has fewer moving parts than standard receipt printers, you can count on it to work more reliably.

A thermal printer uses heat to mark the paper, eliminating the need for ink, and speeding up printing.

Long-lasting UPS battery backup

We recommend using a battery backup to protect your POS.

In case of a power outage, it can hold reserve power to keep your system on for a few extra hours.

It will also protect your system from power surges that can result in the need for expensive replacements.

To purchase a UPS battery backup from NRS, call (833) 289-2767.

Add Premium Features

Extra subscription Premium Features helps you save and make more money! Upgrade your software plan and get Premium Features bundled together for the best value, or choose them one by one, based upon your needs:

Security Camera Integration

Learn more

Extended Replacements Warranty

Learn more

License ID Scanning

Learn more

E-Commerce • Shopping App + Web Site

Learn more

Item Modifiers with IP Optional Printer

Learn more

Tobacco Scan Data

Learn more

Advanced Data

Learn more

Employee Time Clock

Learn more

Panic Alarm Button

Learn more

Customer Tabs

Learn more

Businesses make more money with the NRS POS system

Hear why small business owners prefer the NRS Point of Sale system:

Manage Your Store from Anywhere, 24/7, with the “My NRS Store” Mobile App

The My NRS Store mobile app lets you manage your POS backoffice from anywhere. Check on the vital aspects of your store’s POS system from your mobile device. Put items on promotion, manage system users and track sales wherever you go. You can check your inventory and also reorder supplies via the mobile merchant app.

My NRS Store empowers you to manage your store without worry, when you cannot be on the premises at the store, to personally manage your point of sale system and access your data.

My NRS Store App is available on:

Data Analytics & Advanced Tools to Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently

Store Analytics

Track your sales, manage your expenses & see sales reports of your promotional offers. Identify which items are best sellers.

Product Configurations

Configure your products & departments or choose from 100,000’s of product UPCs we’ve preloaded for your convenience.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory levels and get alerts when you are running low on items. Restock your inventory – Purchase on your POS!

The Ultimate Store Management Software

Click on each of the POS screen icons, to learn more about the user-friendly merchant interface of the NRS Point of Sale System.

Store Statistics
In-Store Items
One-Click Items
Training and Help
NRS Marketplace

Helping Independent Retailers Succeed

Due to its versatility and reliability, the NRS Point of Sale system is being used in thousands of stores across the USA.

The “World’s Greatest POS System” is custom-built for businesses such as:

Grocery Stores
Your grocery store or food market can benefit from the NRS POS through its compatibility with so many product types. The scanner and touch screen interface make checkouts faster, improving customer satisfaction, and an integrated scale will make the NRS POS even more efficient when you’re ringing up produce and other items priced by weight.
Convenience Stores
Upgrade your community convenience store or bodega with the versatile features of the NRS POS. Offer your regulars discounts at no extra cost through the BR Club Loyalty Program, exclusive to the NRS POS. We offer online training materials in English and Spanish that you can visit at any time.
Liquor Stores
The NRS POS can also help liquor stores of any size manage inventory and sales. The system records items in different departments to help you separate alcohol purchases from transactions with other products. It also gives you information about which alcohol products to invest in by tracking your sales and creating statistics.
Tobacco Stores
Plenty of vape and tobacco shops also take advantage of the benefits the NRS POS offers. The system will prompt you to check a customer’s ID when you sell age-restricted items like tobacco or vape products. You can also create custom barcodes for in-house products like loose leaf tobacco and hand-rolled cigars.
Small Businesses
We designed our basic Point of Sale system with small businesses in mind. It works with a variety of sales methods and empowers you to sell both goods and services. The NRS POS gives community businesses the tools they need to keep up with large chain stores, including Point of Sale equipment and easy-to-use software.
As the owner of a small deli business, you have to juggle multiple tasks every day. Your work involves managing, ringing up customers, serving, cooking and cleaning. With features like an integrated scale, you can manage sales faster to take care of the rest of your job.
The NRS POS has the versatility to help small, independent supermarkets with its broad range of features. The NRS POS pricebook comes loaded with thousands of UPCs from popular brands, reducing the need to add items. It will also let you add in store products like hot foods that you can ring up with a quick scan or button press.
Retail Stores
With so many items available at your small retail store, you need an easy Point of Sale system that manages them all. The NRS POS includes plenty of departments for your products and will allow you to add custom departments.
A local bakery like yours can also take advantage of our POS system’s features. Add quantity discounts for cookies, rolls and other baked goods to get them off the shelves faster.
Dollar Stores
The NRS POS features tailored to community businesses can help your small dollar store keep prices low for customers. Run regular promotions and accept every major payment at an affordable rate.
Produce Stands
Sell your fruit and vegetable store’s products with whatever checkout method you prefer. Scan labeled produce or use the integrated scale to price it by weight.
Meat Markets
As a butcher shop or meat market owner, you surely work with multiple vendors to get the best meat. Track your relationships with these vendors for better negotiation and pricing.
Beauty Salons
The NRS POS will let you ring up products and services with ease with custom categories and one-click items. Add beauty and hair salon sales to your transaction quickly and accurately.
Gas Stations
The NRS Petro POS connects your c-store with your pumps for a powerful, seamless solution. When combined with NRS Pay credit card processing and pump EMV. This POS will have your business running smoothly and lucratively.
Hardware Stores
The NRS Point of Sale system is the nation's leading POS for independent hardware and home improvement stores. With robust hardware and user-friendly software, this POS offers powerful technology to help you organize your business, speed up checkout and increase your revenue.

Sell Boss Revolution® Products & Services Directly on Your POS

Sell Boss Revolution® Products & Services Directly on Your POS

The NRS POS includes access to your own Boss Revolution portal, which you can access with just one tap.

More products to sell =
More ways to make money
Pinless Calling

International calling service that works on any phone.

Mobile Top-Up

Instant domestic prepaid recharge.

Money Transfer

Conveniently pay all of your bills in one location.

Bill Pay

Transfer any amount to any country.

An Exclusive Built-In Loyalty Program on Your POS

The integration between your POS and BR Club™, a nationwide customer loyalty program sponsored by NRS, will save your customers money at checkout, without any cost to you.

BR Club™ – Rewards & Savings Program

Thousands of stores nationwide enjoy the perks that come with the BR Club loyalty program – and so can yours! Millions of customers visit stores with NRS POS terminals for exclusive discounts on popular, advertised monthly items and Boss Revolution® services.

See it in action!


POS Systems Installed
throughout the United States
and expanding quickly


Loyalty Program Members
of BR Club throughout
the country


Transactions via the POS
Generated in 2019 through
Boss Revolution®


Amount of Transactions
Performed monthly on the NRS point of sale system, on average

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