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Dollar Store POS System

When you own a community dollar store or variety store, you want to keep your prices as low as possible. However, your status as a small business makes it hard to lower your costs without losing money. To compete with big chain stores, you need the same tools. National Retail Solutions’ POS+ system works like the systems at major retail stores, and it comes at a price that small businesses can afford. If you currently use a normal cash register for your dollar store, upgrading to a POS system will help your store grow and succeed.

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Manage Every Inventory Item

Dollar stores and variety stores can have thousands of products to sell. You get your items from a variety of vendors, and you need to track the items to see how they sell. The POS+ gives you the information you need about your products. Keep a record of the items you buy from your vendors, and understand your profit margins. Your items are tracked on the Inventory screen, which tells you what you need to reorder. The system counts your inventory for you so you can focus more time growing your business.

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Add Every Product to Your System

If you run a thrift store or sell scratch-and-dent items, you probably know that not everything comes with a price tag. The POS+ system lets you create unique In-Store-Item buttons so you can track sales of items that don’t have UPC barcodes. The scanner that comes with the POS helps you easily add items that do have barcodes to the purchase. You’ll never have to manually type in the prices for products again! Simply scan items or tap one-click buttons.

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Run a Loyalty Program and Promotions

Your customers come to your dollar store to save money. Special sales will encourage them to return, but discounts cost a small business money. We created the BR Club so that you can run promotions on certain snack, beverage and grocery items at no extra cost. When you give a customer a discount, we will pay the money back within 24 hours.

The POS+ also lets you create your own in-store promotions. Any discounts you create are automatically applied to the customer’s bill during checkout. When a customer needs to buy more items to earn a discount (ex. Buy 2 and Save), the customer-facing screen will alert them and encourage them to buy more.

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Why Choose POS+ as Your Dollar Store POS Software?

We designed POS+ to give dollar stores the same POS technology options as big chain stores. In addition to critical features like store statistics and card processing, we offer extra conveniences to your and your customers. Enjoy these advantages of picking POS+ as the POS system for your dollar store:

BOSS Club loyalty program

The BOSS Club loyalty program works exclusively with the NRS POS+ System. With the BOSS Club, you can give your customers the hottest discounts on big brands at no cost to you!

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BOSS Club App

The BOSS Club online ordering app enables customers to order from your store online! The app takes all of the products you have scanned onto your NRS POS and sorts them into categories. Customers can then order from your store and pick up their order when it’s ready for fast and easy checkout.

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my nrs store app

Take your dollar store’s POS system with you wherever you go. With the My NRS Store app, you can manage POS+ using your phone or tablet from anywhere you can access the internet. Manage your vendor relationships, track sales and inventory, and manage users and settings.

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NRS Pay: Low Rate Payment Processing

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Many people don’t carry cash in their wallets. Sometimes, customers with cash don’t bring enough money with them. Having the ability to take payment cards lets more people buy your products. Our EMV card reader accepts cards with chips and every major payment. Customers who buy food with EBT can buy your discount groceries. The machine even lets customers use their phones to pay you. We charge a low flat rate for every purchase, so you can afford to take more payment types.

Grow Your Business With Us

At NRS, we partner with hard-working community businesses to help them succeed. We want them to have the same opportunities as big chain stores, which is why our POS+ system has an affordable price for your dollar store. Buy it now, or request a quote for more pricing information.