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The NRS Petro POS: $1,495

Filling point: $999

Router: $449

Forecourt: $3,600

Bridges: $650

Installation: $1,000

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Struggling with the high cost of upgrading your gas pumps to accept EMV?

What is EMV?

EMV is a fraud-reducing technology that was announced in 2011 and hit retail in 2015, that helps protect consumers, merchants and card issuers against potential losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale system.

EMV cards are embedded with a microprocessor, also know as a smart chip, that interacts with the merchant’s device to make sure that the payment card is valid.

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Don’t overpay and suffer business downtime by replacing your gas pumps for EMV compliance

The NRS Petro pump-integrated POS connects your c-store with your pumps, for a seamless checkout experience. Customers can simultaneously pay for goods and their gas, at the checkout counter in your store.

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The NRS Petro Ecosystem Revolutionizes the Gas Station industry

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B. Athwal
testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star
Sun Petro owner • Williamstown, NJ
“NRS is a user-friendly and competitively priced POS system. Few months back I was in the market to upgrade the POS for one of my gas stations with a C store. After comparing different companies, I settled with NRS because of the cost, promptness and ease of working with their team, especially Eric. The entire process from the initial phone call to getting the system installed went seamlessly. The POS is a very simple, self-explanatory, easy to use system. It comes with all the necessary features needed to run a business efficiently. It gives you a complete picture of your business from the daily sales, to the inventory, to Lottery sales, ordering supplies, etc.

The system comes with the phone app that lets you track your detailed daily sales. As a remote business owner , I feel a lot more in control of my business today. Thanks to NRS!

I strongly recommend it!!”
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S. Nayani
testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star
McClain’s Food Store owner • Ennis, TX
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the installation of the updated NRS Petro POS system along with EMV ready credit card readers at my pumps. Your installation team was very professional and knowledgeable of their job. They made sure that my Manager and the employees were properly trained before leaving.

I would highly recommend your system to anyone looking for an easy to operate and user friendly system. Thanks for all your help”
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S. Singh
testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star testimonial star
Delta Gas Station owner • Englishtown, NJ
“Switching over to NRS Petro was a seamless and smooth transition. The NRS representatives were quick to answer all questions and concerns. They spent time with us on a call with their whole team to understand our business needs and really ensure they were providing the proper solutions. Additionally, they really worked with us regarding the timing and install down time.

Even after we were up and running, it has been quick and easy to contact NRS with any questions. I don’t have to dial a 1-800 number and hold for hours just to accomplish simple things. The system is pretty easy to use, and we have had no issues thus far.”
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Did you know that today, only a fraction of gas stations in the USA are upgraded to accept EMV at the pumps, and most of them are well known, big brands?

The easiest and most cost-effective solutions for Gas Stations and Petro C-Stores: EMV at the Pumps, Credit Card Acceptance, and a pump-integrated POS System!

Download the pricing sheets:

NRS Pay Credit Card Processing
NRS Petro Point of Sale (POS)
NRS Pay Credit Card Processing
NRS Petro Point of Sale (POS)

Contactless EMV

Covid-19 hit the petro indusry hard. Gas stations are facing a challenging time – both with implementing new procedures and the financial impacts associated with the fluctuating economic environment.

With contactless capabilities, NRS EMV EZ PUMP helps eliminate touchpoints at the pumps. With EMV contactless, there is no need to insert a card, enter a zip code or sign for the transaction.

Not yet accepting EBT and want to get started? We’ll help you through the process.

Unlimited EBT

For many gas stations, accepting EBT can seem like a hassle. However, with the NRS Petro POS, it’s easy! Many gas sta-tion point of sale systems don’t accept EBT transactions, but the NRS PETRO POS for gas station c-stores is a complete checkout solution, with gas pump integration and EBT acceptance.

EBT acceptance can increase your foot traffic and revenue. NRS Pay’s EBT Unlimited! program, for one flat fee $49.95/mo., lets you accept as much EBT as you like, all month long, with zero transaction fees.

We’re going green!

Gas station owners can join the movement of environmental sustainability and boost customer appreciation when they meet the April deadline for becoming EMV compliant.

One of the benefits of the new regulations that come into play is that EMV compliant credit card processing machines offer digital receipts. Paperless transactions help to save untold numbers of trees while reducing annoying clutter in drivers’ wallets and saving paper from heading to a landfill. Paper receipts account for a mind boggling 1.5 billion pounds of environmental waste a year in the United States.

Affordable, clean & safe!

Upgrading your pumps for EMV compliance doesn’t have to cost a lot or require messy renovations and business downtime.

And did you know… If tampered with, a unique, built-in trigger alert system in the NRS EMV EZ PUMP device will automatically disable the card processing terminal. Your customers’ credit cards are extra safe!

NRS Petro = A fraction of the costs of other solutions

New system replacement can cost upwards of $15,000 per pump, plus approx. $1K monthly SaaS. Additional expenses may include hoses, nozzles, plumbing fixtures and pump software configuration services. Inground tanks and construction costs can exceed $140,000.

Per-pump upgrade cost comparison of various EMV options v. NRS Petro

Complete new system
replacement – Each

In addition:

Costs could reach up to and beyond $140.000.

Costs could reach up to and beyond $140.000.


Pump Manufacturer
EMV Retrofit Kits

In addition:

Costs could reach up to and beyond $60.000.

Costs could reach up to and beyond $60.000.


With our EMV EZ PUMP
Retrofit Kit:


Contact NRS Petro for details.

Contact NRS Petro for details.

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NRS Petro is a division of National Retail Solutions that offers money and time saving solutions for c-store/gas station owners to update their sites with a pump-integrated POS system and EMV compliance at the pump. Finally, gas station owners nationwide have an affordable and easy way to upgrade their locations without messy renovations and business downtime. All at a fraction of the cost.
EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa- the first three credit card networks to adopt the technology) is a fraud-reducing technology that was announced in 2011 and introduced to retail in 2015, that helps protect consumers, merchants and card issuers against potential losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale system. Essentially, the “chip” on the front of the debit or credit card is what EMV refers to. This chip helps encrypt and secure sensitive information, whereas the traditional black magstripe is highly vulnerable to fraud.

The deadline that gas station owners had to accept the EMV chip at the pump, or be responsible for the fraud, chargebacks and liability, was April 2021. Everyone who did not upgrade will be subject to paying for fraudulent non-EMV transactions made at their gas station. Previously, the credit card processors/banks were responsible for this fraudentent activity, now they’re not. It’s on the average c-store/gas station owner.
Debit card, Credit card, Contactless Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc), Tap-to-Pay enabled cards.
Independent/unbranded gas station owners that need to completely replace old pumps are looking at an overwhelming $10,000 to $20,000 per pump. Based on an average of four pumps per station, plus the cost of ripping up concrete and lost business when the pumps are down, independent station owners are staring down costs from $40,000- $200,000. Those whose pumps can be retrofitted by the manufactures still face significant costs, to the tune of $40,000 to $60,000 for four pumps. Fortunately, NRS Petro offers an easy and affordable way to become EMV compliant. Unlike the competition, we provide an innovative, solid and affordable program that works with almost all pumps. Each fueling point is $999 for our NRS EMV EZ Pump device. See our pricing sheet for more information on the other pieces of our solution.
Don’t worry, we have a solution, NRS Funding. We have a division that helps qualified merchants get the funding they need. It is fast and can be received as early as the next day! The funds can be used for initial payment, working capital or for purchasing inventory, furniture, supplies & equipment for your business.
NRS Petro offers NRS Pay! NRS Pay, integrates seamlessly with the NRS Petro POS, or can function as a standalone processing solution for any business, in any industry. On location, online or on-the-go, NRS Pay processing plans are tailored to help business owners save money and succeed custom rates! All you need to do is provide a current credit card statement and NRS Pay will analyze then generate a proposal with your custom rate.

Complete the form here. Then an NRS Petro team member will reach out to you to have you fill out the Site Survey in which they will then analyze and create your own no obligation quote!

NRS Petro will have a representative on site for installation. We also collaborate with the current company that services the gas station or regional partner to install the NRS EMV EZ Pump outside at the gas pumps. It is a collaborative effort.
Yes. The NRS Petro POS will be able to control all your inside store transactions and needs in addition to being connected to and controlling the gas pumps outside. You can view your fuel sales right there at the NRS Petro POS, both inside and outside. You can also change fuel prices, print fuel reports, receipts and much more, all on our system!
Even if you don’t have a C-store, you can still indeed upgrade at your gas pumps with the NRS Petro. Ask an NRS Petro representative for more details on how this scenario works.
Our team at NRS Petro will be able to confirm if your pumps are eligible by our NRS Petro Site Survey. We do an extensive analysis of each component of your location with information and pictures you submit: Current gas pumps, POS, forecourt controller, Network, physical layout. All of these items are asked in our NRS Petro Site Survey. On the whole, NRS Petro can retrofit 90% of the gas pumps in the market.

NRS Petro is a service of National Retail Solutions, Inc. Contract required. New model POS hardware and NRS Pay account with special pricing plan required. For pricing and full details call 888-260-0112 or visit