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POS System in a Grocery Store

Supermarket POS System

When you own an independent community supermarket, you have unique issues to solve. You run a big enough store to sell many items, but you might not have a big enough budget to keep growing. Large supermarket chain stores can also take customers away from you because of the budgetary and technological advantages they have. We believe hardworking businesses like yours should have the same chance to succeed as big companies. That’s why National Retail Solutions created the POS+ point of sale system. The POS+ has an all-in-one cash register for your supermarket and many other features.

POS system screen with Pricebook Management Software

Scan Thousands of Already Added Barcodes

The pricebook in our system comes with the UPC codes and product names for more than 400,000 popular items. You can easily add these items to your POS and edit their unit prices. Our POS+ pricebook also lets you add your own items and in-store products, like hot foods. With all of your items and prices contained in the POS, you’ll never have to manually enter prices into a cash register again! Learn More About Our Software
Retailer using an Electronic Cash Register

Keep Your Check-Out Lines Short

Quickly moving your customers through the checkout line dramatically improves your business. You get more time to grow your supermarket, and your customers will feel satisfied with your service. The POS+ comes with plenty of ways to make checkout faster. It lets you weigh products like meat and produce at the register and calculates the price for you. The system also lets you create one-click buttons for your most popular items to speed up transactions even further. The POS+ also lets you put items on promotion and automatically removes discount amounts from transactions. For an even faster check-out, you can get our EMV card reader, which accepts cards and mobile payments that are faster than cash.
POS Remote Management Software

Manage Your Inventory and Shelf Space

Inventory management is essential when you have limited shelf space and food that can go bad. You want to keep popular items in stock, so the POS+ tells you which departments and hot-selling items deserve the most shelf space. To track item inventories on the POS+, start by entering inventory levels for each item, then the system does the counting for you. The Inventory screen lets you know when you should reorder products. Learn About Inventory Tracking
User Management Screen on POS system

Improve Employee Shifts

The POS+ lets you create multiple users who are authorized to perform different tasks on the system. For example, you can give cashiers permission to ring up items and prevent them from looking at your sales and purchasing records. The system records when an employee clocks in and out to help you manage shift times, and it shows how many sales happen during each shift so you can see if you need more employees at a particular time of day. With the POS+, you can make your staff members more productive without giving them access to private information. Learn About Our Other Software Features
NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Take Credit Card Payments at a Low Flat Rate

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use card payments for everyday purchases. Our credit card processing machine accepts ALL forms of card payments and integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS+. The credit card reader also accepts EBT payments for items that you select in the POS as being eligible for EBT. This cohesive interaction between the POS+ and the credit card processors’ EBT capabilities is not offered by most POS companies.

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We Help Your Supermarket Succeed

Your supermarket gets to benefit from these features and so much more when you buy the POS+. Everyone who purchases the POS+ also gets the BR Club loyalty program and POS training for free. Our online store lets you buy the POS+ on our site or request a quote for more information.

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