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Start your online store in minutes using the items in your POS pricebook. Increase sales and reach more customers with marketing flyers and QR codes that lead to your website. Run an Ecommerce business beyond your brick-and-mortar location with a custom-designed, fully integrated Ecommerce solution for small businesses. Customize your website with different color options and run your own advertisements. Expand your reach beyond local foot traffic and start selling online with our customer delivery service.
Start your
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Start your
website today!

Benefits of NRS Integrated
Ecommerce Websites

With NRS’ Ecommerce solution for small businesses, your website integrates directly
with your point-of-sale system for real-time inventory and pricebook syncing.
You also get the following:
Create your online store today!

The BOSS Local Shopping App

The BOSS Local Shopping app connects directly to your National Retail Solution (NRS) point-of-sale system to automatically showcase and sell your products online in a seamless Ecommerce experience. The app lets customers browse your inventory, order for pick up or delivery and pay online. A delivery fee is billed to your customers at no cost to you.

Deliver to Your Customers
with NRS Ecommerce

NRS Ecommerce streamlines your store’s deliveries to customers. Seamlessly integrated with your NRS POS inventory, your website and the BOSS Local Shopping app enable customers to place orders for convenient home delivery via our trusted partners. When selling through your store website or on the BOSS Local Shopping app, enjoy cost-free delivery to your customers. Clients simply incur a nominal fee when placing online orders, ensuring swift and accurate delivery of their chosen items.

NRS Ecommerce Partners

NRS Delivery partners include Uber, Doordash, and others.
Your customers can enjoy top-tierdelivery service, from your store to their door.

Accurate and Efficient
Order Picking

The order picking feature is seamlessly integrated into the ‘My NRS Store’ merchant app and is designed to complement the BOSS Local Shopping app and your store’s ordering website. With the ability to manage your online orders in one centralized location, monitor your employees’ order picking progress, and ensure accurate substitutions and adjustments, you can now sell online with unparalleled confidence and efficiency.

Start Picking Online Orders!

Manage Online Sales Effortlessly with
a POS-Synced Ecommerce

The percentage of retailers selling online steadily rises as technology yields convenience for virtually increasing efficiency and revenue. By 2026, the rate of merchants selling online will rise to 24%, while the U.S. Ecommerce market is set to reach over $1.1 trillion in sales.
With our POS-synced platform, you can efficiently run an Ecommerce business that integrates seamlessly with your brick-and-mortar location. All your product data and orders are linked for proper omnichannel management:


Get Found Online with ‘Find My Biz’

Find My Biz is a local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing tool designed to help your customers find you easily when they search online for businesses like yours.

If customers can’t find you on websites and apps like Google Maps, Facebook, and many more, they likely will not enter your doors. Increase revenue by driving traffic into your store or to your website, and take advantage of every opportunity to grab new customers from internet searches.

Optimize for Local Searches and
Connect with Local Customer

Local listings help people find and connect with your company. Ensure your store information is accurate and consistent across key sites consumers use to find local shops or stores. Find My Biz optimizes your local listings so your business appears at the top of local search results. Our team handles ongoing optimization to make sure that:

See how your
business currently
appears online!

Or call to get started:
(973) 363-4241

Get On the Maps and the Apps

Ensure your business appears on the maps, apps, and directories customers use to find local information. We’ll get your company visibility on the top platforms:
Google Maps - for search and directions
Google Maps - for search and directions
Apple Maps - for iOS users
Waze - for drivers and commuters
Facebook - for local recommendations
Foursquare - for check-ins
Alexa and Siri - for voice searches
Alexa and Siri - for voice searches
Industry-specific apps and sites
Industry-specific apps and sites
Not only will you be listed on over 35+ online directories, but having your business appear all across the internet will drastically improve your Google search ranking.

Ensure Your Listings'
Accuracy and Security

After creating and optimizing your listings on over 35+ key
directories, we
provide ongoing management for

Manage Online Reviews: Expert
Reputation Management

Don’t let negative reviews hurt your game. Professional review management demonstrates your commitment to your guests and their experience. Our experienced team handles responding to clients to protect your reputation, demonstrates caring customer service, and turns negative reviews into positive ones:
Drive local traffic to your store!


NRS Online Marketing Bundle

The Complete Internet
Marketing Solution

The Online Marketing bundle is a great value and includes our most popular services for growing your business’s online profile and gaining more online awareness.

The Online Marketing Bundle Includes:

Your Own Store Website

BOSS Local Shopping App

Customer Home Delivery

Find My Biz

Manage My Reviews



Without NRS Pay: $49.95/mo.

With the NRS “Online Marketing” Bundle you get a complete omnichannel marketing solution. Boost your brick-and-mortar foot traffic and your online visibility with business profiles on search engines, social media and more. Plus, live online review management saves you time, with live agents replying to customer feedback.


Increase Customer Retention
Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are your best customers. Research shows that engaged shoppers who feel appreciated will keep coming back. A recent NRS poll revealed that 58% of shoppers want to earn rewards points when shopping locally and are eager to sign up for your loyalty program. In addition, 40% of customers prefer classic “Buy X, Get 1 Free” rewards over old-fashioned paper punch cards.

NRS Loyalty gives you the tools to build the best loyalty programs for your customers.


Loyalty works on both the BOSS Local Shopping App and your Website

Loyalty Clubs

– Offer your customers “Buy X, Get 1 Free” rewards

– Replace paper punch cards

– Motivate repeat visits & purchases

Loyalty Points

– Offer your customer a Points-per-Dollar rewards program

– Create your own points levels (50 Points = Free Sandwich)

Customer Transaction

– See customers’ recent transaction history and items purchased

– Look up your customers by mobile number


Josh Lara
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Josh Lara
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Owner of a hardware store
"Find My Biz by NRS has been amazing for my hardware store. As a local business, being easy to find on the web is so important. Our listings are optimized on all the main sites people use to find us. We show up way more in local searches now. Clients can find us easily on Google, Apple Maps, Yelp, and more. Thanks to Find My Biz, our foot traffic and sales have gone up!"
Maria Gonzales
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Maria Gonzales
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Owner of QuickMart Convenience Mart
"BOSS Local Shopping App has been a game-changer for my QuickMart Convenience Mart. Our consumers love to order on their phones. The app connects right to our checkout system, making orders super easy to handle. Thanks to BOSS Local Shopping app, we can now compete with bigger outlets."
Read the whole review
Jamie Dower
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Jamie Dower
testimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial startestimonial star
Owner of TrendyStyles New4U Boutique
"We're so happy with our move to online sales with NRS! They created a custom website matching our boutique's brand. It seamlessly syncs our online and in-store inventory and prices. This has been a total game-changer, allowing us to serve local and non-local buyers. Our sales have soared beyond our local area. Thank you, NRS!"
With the NRS POS system, you can add on Ecommerce to sell online with home delivery. Contact us:

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NRS Ecommerce solutions aim to help retail shops establish an internet presence, increase sales, and engage with clientele through custom-designed websites that integrate with their point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  • A beautifully designed website unique to your brand, 
  • Real-time synchronization with your cash register, 
  • Matching electronic inventory and in-store pricing, 
  • Seamless order processing, 
  • Optional local delivery services, 
  • Increased in-store and digital sales, and an 
  • Expanded reach beyond local consumers.
Use the NRS-integrated Ecommerce solutions to create your online store effortlessly. Your ordering website allows you to reach more people, increase sales, and effectively synchronize your internet and in-store operations. Contact us today to get started!
The BOSS Local Shopping App is a mobile shopping application that enables customers to easily locate local convenience stores and bodegas to purchase for either pickup or delivery. The app offers a seamless shopping experience, connecting directly to the NRS point-of-sale system.
The BOSS Local Shopping App can greatly benefit Independent convenience shops, bodegas, and mini-marts. It empowers them to compete in the digital marketplace by providing a web-based ordering experience that rivals national chains, enhancing their revenue growth potential. We also market to new customers through the app that would have yet to find your store.
Find My Biz service is designed to improve the internet presence of local businesses. It focuses on improving visibility, increasing foot traffic, driving customers to your website, and boosting revenue.
Appearing in local searches increases visibility, attracts new buyers, and provides existing clients with up-to-date information, improving their overall experience.
Our experienced team responds promptly to positive and negative reviews, using a customer-focused tone to address concerns, resolve issues, and turn negatives into positives.
Contact us today to learn more about how NRS
can help you grow your business

*NRS Ecommerce program, software and services are subject to terms and conditions. Certain services may be provided by third parties. Merchant must have NRS POS system and sign up for Ecommerce services to participate in BOSS Local Shopping app and/or have online store website. Merchant must have own Stripe account for use with NRS Ecommerce services. BOSS Local Shopping app is subject to terms and conditions, which can be found in the app, and is provided by NRS. NRS charges consumers a flat delivery fee and a service fee based in part on the total cost of each order. NRS uses third party delivery services to deliver orders from merchant to consumer. Delivery services are provided to merchant at no cost. Merchant is responsible for coordinating delivery of order with the applicable third party delivery service. NRS is not liable for any representation made by merchant regarding delivery of the order or for actions or omissions of third party delivery services. For complete details visit