Has COVID Increased the Number of People using EBT?

have ebt numbers increased due to covid
Today, it has become popular for people to use EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards to buy their groceries. Since the pandemic has left many economically disadvantaged and jobless, many of these groups can now take advantage of an EBT card, the modern-day version of food stamps.

Eligibility for EBT cards, issued under the Federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is based on income level and other resources. They are used to purchasing nutritious food staples for themselves and their families who wouldn’t be able to afford basic grocery prices. These include healthy items such as milk, bread, cereal, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish.

With the ongoing economic hardships due to the pandemic, last year, the government was making more people eligible for the SNAP flexibility program. This year, the flexibility program has been extended to allow more applicants to access the required food. The increase in SNAP benefits has led to saving millions of American families.

Some states and cities have gone further in instituting an expansion of the program. For instance, while the federal public health state of emergency was still in effect, New Jersey and New York City expanded the SNAP eligibility for college students. This way, college students do not have to worry about paying for more than they can afford. Any student who undertakes all the food expenses may find it challenging to manage, given the loans and other costs associated with attending college. Overall, extending SNAP eligibility will improve the economy and promote a healthy lifestyle for many people.

This can be a great opportunity for business owners to broaden their customer base. By accepting these cards, businesses can generate more revenue in many different ways. Through this program, companies will also allow families to acquire affordable food without worrying about costs. Once this is discovered, many customers will want to visit your shop since they will know that you help the less fortunate. Your shop will be the talk of the town and will, in turn, play an inclusive role in the community.

When offering EBT in your store, there may be swipe fees that may eat into your profits. Not to worry, Companies such as National Retail Solutions (NRS), the leading Point of Sale (POS) provider, offer an EBT Unlimited program that makes it easy to offer SNAP benefits and keeps your revenue steady without the fees.

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