Loyalty Software – Included With Every POS+ System

As a community business, you understand the unique needs of your customers, so why not create special promotions that meet those needs? POS+ makes it easier than ever to offer a pleasant shopping trip thanks to its promotion software. Let us partner with you to provide a rewarding customer experience at an affordable price for small businesses.

Promotions and Loyalty Software Features

On the POS+ home screen, you'll find the "Promotions" option. This feature of the POS+ software lets you create your own in-store discounts. You can create as many custom specials as you want. Choose from deals that take a certain number of cents off a product or discounts based on quantity. When you use our loyalty software, you benefit from features like:
  • Adding multiple items to a discount: Just like the other parts of the POS+ software, the "Promotions" feature works with the built-in scanner. To add items to a promotion you created, simply scan the products you want to put on discount.
  • Customer encouragement: If your discount only applies to purchases with more than one item, POS+ will notify your customer on the customer-facing screen. When someone buys less than the required number of products, the system will show them what they could save by buying more.
  • Sales report tracking: You may already know that the "Store Statistics" menu lets you track sales. It also monitors in-store promotions and shows you how your discount programs are performing.
  create your own discounts  

Give Your Small Business an Advantage

We designed POS+ especially for community businesses like yours. Our point of sale system puts your store one step ahead of the competition by:
  • Rewarding your customers: Many people shop at bigger stores because they can save money through discounts. Thanks to POS+ loyalty software, your customers can get rewarded with enticing discounts just like they would at larger chain stores.
  • Helping you market your business: You can advertise in-store discounts on the customer-facing screen of the POS+. This way customers will see these deals during checkout. We also help customers locate stores that have the POS+ with a store locator.
  • Getting your customers to come back and buy more: Everyone likes to feel rewarded, including your customers. Starting your own loyalty program or creating special discounts lets them know you appreciate them. As a result, they will want to come back to buy from your business again.

Yet Another Benefit of POS+ From National Retail Solutions

Thanks to our POS system, you can keep up with the big competitors in your market. POS+ is cost-effective and has all the equipment you need, so even small businesses can afford it. At the same time, it has the main features found in bigger stores' point of sale systems. We have payment plans available as well and customer support in English and Spanish. Learn more about our POS system by buying POS+ online today or asking for a quote.