PAX S300 Credit Card Reader for National Retail Solutions

Credit Card Reader

The price of a credit card machine can seem expensive for a small business. However, in order to compete, stores need to be able to accept many forms of payment. To help, we created an optional credit card processing system that you can use with the NRS POS system. Our POS system works better than a basic cash register, and the credit card terminal comes at an affordable price.

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What Is an EMV Machine?

An EMV card reader lets customers use a credit or debit card to pay for their purchase. Our EMV machine features the latest card processing technology. It can take regular cards, cards with chips and mobile payments. Once the customer uses their card or their phone for payment, they’ll enter a PIN or sign their name to finish payment. The machine features an attached digital pen that customers can use to press buttons on the screen or sign their name.

PAX S300 Credit Card Reader for National Retail Solutions

Free Credit Card Reader

Every customer who signs a three-year agreement with NRS receives a free EMV card reader. This machine accepts all major payment types, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • EBT
  • eWIC

Your customers can use your credit card reader to pay whichever way they prefer. Even low-income customers can buy from you using EBT.

We provide a low flat rate for your transaction charges. Every time a customer swipes, dips or taps their card or phone, you pay an affordable fee designed for small businesses. A transaction costs 2.49 percent of the transaction total plus 10 cents. If you process over $10,000 a month in payments, you could qualify for an even lower custom rate.

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Why Should I Use a POS System With Credit Card Processing?

It’s possible to buy our POS system without a card machine. However, you have so much to benefit from when you use our credit card reader in tandem with the POS, including:

  • Market leadership: Most big competitors already use card readers. If you take cash only, your customers may feel tempted to go to another location that accepts cards. When you use a credit card terminal, you keep customers coming back to your business.
  • Convenience: When you receive cash payments, you must deposit them in the bank yourself. The money you earn through our card reader goes right to your bank account within 24 hours.
  • Efficiency: You and your customer don’t have to count out cash if they pay with a card. After they pay, you also don’t need to count the change to give back to them. Your check-outs will become much faster
  • Security: EMV technology protects you and your customers from credit card fraud. Having less cash in your register also discourages thieves from targeting your store.
  • Increased sales: Accepting cards increases your sales and the chance of customers making impulse purchases. Who doesn’t want to see their sales go up?

PAX S300 Credit Card Reader for National Retail Solutions

Discover the Benefits of the NRS POS+

We make our POS simple and affordable so that small businesses like yours can keep up with the competition. Request a quote to see how little it costs to add an EMV machine to your package.

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