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FREE Credit Card Reader

ZERO Hidden Fees

NO Long-Term Contract

NO Early-Termination Fee

2.49% + 10¢

$10/mo. account fee

Our straightforward Clean Rate plan helps you save and make more money when processing credit cards. For just $10/month, accept as many credit card transactions as you wish for just a small percent and fee per transaction. No hidden fees – No surprises!

Free – Bust Your Fees!

+$0 out-of-pocket transaction fees (when you process over $18K/month)

NRS Pay FeeBU$TER is the ideal choice processing high volume. With this Cash Discount Program, your customers save money if they pay in cash, and if they pay with a credit card, you pay ZERO transaction fees out of your pocket. Process under $18K per month? Pay just one flat rate $49.95/month + $0 per transaction.

Accept credit cards in your store or anywhere...

At work, at home or on-the-go, NRS PAY has a credit card processing solution for your business.
Accept payments on your terminal, mobile device or online.

Why people choose NRS Pay?


Credit Card Reader


Hidden Fees


Long-Term Commitment


Early Termination Fee

Accept all major Debit & Credit Cards + EBT

Compare NRS Pay with other companies:

Features NRS PAY Other companies
Clean Rate Account Fee $10/mo. $20+/mo.
Credit Card Terminal FREE! Hundreds $$$
Setup No Charge Varies
POS PIN PAD Integration Yes Limited
Early Termination Fee $0 - NO PENALTY Up to $450
Rate – Card Present (swipe) 2.49% + 10¢ 2.75% + 10¢
Rate – Card not Present (Keyed in) 3.49% + 10¢ 3.75% + 20¢
Late Batch (Rapid Funding) Yes No
FeeBU$TER Program Yes Limited
Quickly obtain your money

You no longer have to wait for your money! NRS PAY’s Rapid Same-Day Funding service expedites your funds and helps you maintain a more consistent cash flow. Within hours of your consumer swiping, you’ll have your cash — no more waiting for your money.

ZERO transaction fees for EBT

EBT Unlimited! is provided by NRS Pay so that you can accept SNAP for only one simple monthly charge of $49.95, and $0 transaction fees per EBT swipe – without limit.

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We provide live assistance to help you get set up. In addition, we provide training resources and information to assist you in getting started.

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