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No more paper and no more
manually checking off benefits

Choose the best plan for your business:

$19.95/mo. software fee

+ 10¢ per transaction


$69.95/mo. flat

+ $19.95/mo. eWIC Software Fee

Double Play: Unlimited EBT + EWIC

double play ewic

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NRS POS integrates
with eWIC

National Retail Solutions is excited to offer eWIC acceptance on our point of sale system, seamlessly integrated with NRS Pay credit card processing. EWIC can be fully provisioned with your POS, to make eWIC transactions quick and easy.

What is “eWIC”?

EWIC, formerly known as WIC (Women, Infants, Children),
is a supplementary nutritional program, funded by the government through the USDA.

Who is eligible?

The program provides for pregnant women, mothers of young children, and children under 5, in low income households. Specially designated funds are provided to eligible participants, to purchase healthy, essential foods such as milk, cheese, eggs and whole grain breads.


Formerly, once an individual was registered for WIC at their state or local agency, they would receive physical paper benefits checks.

When the customer would check out, the cashier would manually cross-reference the list of approved products in the customer’s cart with the benefits listed on their check, to ensure that the transaction conformed within state guidelines.

How WIC became eWIC

As of more recently, in an effort to make the WIC checkout process easier and more efficient, state regulators have worked with technology companies to transition the entire WIC process to online; now called eWIC. Now, instead of the store clerk having to manually survey the WIC checks and review cart items, the POS system automatically does this.

How the NRS POS makes the process simple

As an NRS retailer with an eWIC-provisioned POS system, your customers can simply bring their eWIC items to the checkout counter, where you can quickly scan them into your POS.

At the counter,
items are scanned into POS

Customer inserts
or swipes their eWIC card

Benefits are
automatically cross-referenced

If the two match up,
the purchase will continue

No more paper and no more checking off benefits –
Offering eWIC is convenient and efficient, with the timesaving NRS POS

Best Deal in the Industry!

Get unlimited EBT and eWIC transactions


+$19.95/mo. eWIC Software Fee

ZERO transaction fees for both. Inquire for details.

Check here if your state
is NRS eWIC-eligible

Note: Eligibility and use of eWIC is contingent on merchant compliance with state approval regulations.

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The NRS eWIC program is subject to terms and conditions. Visit this page for pricing and complete details. Available in select states only and merchant must have WIC ID from applicable state. Requires NRS POS system and NRS Pay credit card processing services, which are each subject to additional pricing, terms and conditions.

If eWIC service cancelled by NRS due to non or late payment by merchant, and merchant requests re-instatement, then NRS may reinstate the service provided that merchant pays all past and current due amounts for the service and a reinstatement fee of $100. Reinstatement of service is solely within NRS’s discretion.

Certain costs for the NRS eWIC program may be eligible for reimbursement under state programs. NRS is not responsible for decisions under state programs or for reimbursing vendors or for any errors made by a vendor is applying for reimbursement. Reimbursement is only available for hardware/software upgrades, not service, maintenance or transaction fees.

**Monthly fee for the Double Play eWIC + EBT Unlimited! not eligible for reimbursement under state programs. Double Play fee subject to increase to $89.95/month after first year.