Customer-Facing Screen

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Customer-Facing Screen

POS from National Retail Solutions, Inc. includes two screens – one for employees and another for customers. You can learn more about our touch-screen monitor for cashiers on its feature page. On this page, you’ll learn about the POS’s customer-facing display. Discover why our point of sale with a screen for customers will help you grow your small business at an affordable price.

What Will Your Customers See?

The customer-facing screen from POS shows shoppers three elements:

  • Transaction information: As the cashier rings up items, they appear on the screen with prices. Your customers can see every detail about their purchase as it goes through checkout.
  • Discounts: POS has special features that separate it from other high-end point-of-sale systems. The customer facing screen shows customers what discounts they earned during the transaction, and also notifies customers if they need to buy more items to qualify for a discount. If they can benefit from buying an item in multiples, the system will encourage them to get more of the product. This notification system helps you sell more, and helps your customer save money!
  • Advertisements: The right side of the customer’s display screen features advertisements for BR Club discount products, and for the Boss Revolution payments and calling services you can now sell at your store. We also feature interesting ads from some of our advertising partners that will keep your customers looking at the screen. Keep reading to learn more about the advertisement opportunities we offer.

The customer screen comes at a nice display size of 15 inches so it can easily display all of the transaction details and the ads at the same time.
Grow Your Sales with POS Ads

Boost Your Business With Advertisements

Your customer-facing display will feature ads at eye-level that encourage purchases and boost sales. Customers will see the following types of advertisements:

  1. Your own advertisements: As a POS customer, you also receive one free ad that runs on all of our customer’s screens. You can purchase a customized advertisement on our custom request page. These ads spread awareness about your business throughout your community.
  2. Boss Revolution: Our Boss Revolution ads help alert your customers that your store does more than sell the products on your shelves. When your become an NRS POS merchant, you can also become a multi-services center, offering Boss Revolution’s PINless calling, International Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Mobile Top Up, and eGift Cards services.
  3. BR Club: The BR Club ads help you and your customers benefit from the complimentary membership we give to all POS owners. With BR Club, you can offer discounts like the ones at big chain stores for no extra cost. We cover all the money your customers save so you can boost your sales with no extra cost.

Our ads have a convenient position on the screen that leaves plenty of room for transaction details.
BR Club Program

Available With the World’s Greatest POS System

The POS customer-facing display comes with our POS hardware bundle at no extra cost. When you buy POS, you receive everything you need to run your business with technology, including our screens. We offer our system at affordable rates and prices so that anyone can compete with the big chain stores. Our sales representatives can teach you more about the robust features available with our POS. Contact our team today for more information about POS, The World’s Greatest point of sale System.
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