Refer A Business

You’ve experienced the helpfulness & reliability of our POS Solutions, now get rewarded for helping other merchants make more money through our POS system. Earn $50 for referring National Retail Solutions to a local business.

Earn $50 for helping a local business make more money!

Referring a business is simple:

  1. Complete this form with the name and contact information for the business you want to refer, and include your personal information, so you’ll get the credit.
  2. After you fill out the form, we will get in touch with the business you are recommending and speak with them about the advantages of our POS.
  3. If our solutions are a fit for the business’ needs, we will have someone come in and install their new point of sale (POS) system.
  4. If the business has the POS for thirty days, you get paid $50!

Refer as many businesses as you’d like – NO LIMIT!

Know someone that wants to sell our POS?

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