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Your independent liquor store adds unique character to your community. However, chain stores try to take over every market they can, including the alcohol industry. They use modern technology to get an advantage over hardworking neighborhood stores. National Retail Solutions created the POS+ system to help you compete with big box stores. It’s much more than just a basic cash register for liquor stores — it has all the features you need to keep up, and at a low price that fits your budget.

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POS system with ID Required Message

Verify Customers Age

The law dictates that you must check every customer’s age before selling them wine or liquor. The POS+ lets you create custom product departments that need age verification. Just set the age limit when you create the department or edit it later on.

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POS System Create Promotions

Create Store Promotions

Attract customers with discounts only found at your store. When you add a promotion to POS+, it takes the price off of scanned items. Create price reductions for products you want to get off your shelves. You can also create discounts that are only applied when a customer buys a certain number of products. To see if your promotions do well, you can check how many are used in your store statistics.

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POS Remote Management Software

Manage Your Inventory and Sales

It can be hard to keep track of your inventory numbers. You have probably noticed that popular wines and liquors sometimes run out before you can restock them. The POS+ system can track your numbers for you so that you can focus on other tasks. Tell the system which products you want to count, and enter a starting number. Every time you sell those items, it will subtract them for you. The Inventory screen shows all your tracked items and lets you know if you need to order more.

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POS System Store Statistics Screen

Review Your Store Statistics

The Store Statistics menu helps you manage all of your important business numbers. It puts your sales and product orders together to give you your total profits. The POS+ records every shift and tells you how many sales you have during each one. You can see which times of day you have the most customers. If you group different kinds of alcohol into departments, the statistics will show which departments sell the most. Use this feature to learn which items you should continue selling.

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NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Processing Also Available

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use card payments for everyday purchases. Our credit card processing machine accepts ALL forms of card payments and integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS+. The credit card reader also accepts EBT payments for items that you select in the POS as being eligible for EBT. This cohesive interaction between the POS+ and the credit card processors’ EBT capabilities is not offered by most POS companies.

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You don’t have to compete in the liquor and wine market alone. Our POS system gives you the tools you need to save time and increase earnings. We consider your business’ success our success. Ready to buy? Add the complete system to your online cart. If you need extra information or equipment, request a quote.

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