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Tobacco Store POS System

Customers come to your tobacco shop to get their daily smoking supplies and unique smoking accessories. And as an independently owned store, you have to keep up with chain stores to stay in business. While these chain locations have plenty of resources, there are technologies available to you that can help you compete. National Retail Solutions created the POS+ for entrepreneurs like you who want to serve their communities. This point of sale (POS) system for tobacco stores has so much more to offer than a simple cash register.

POS system with ID Required Message

Always Remember to Check for ID

When your shop gets busy, you might not always remember to check a customer’s age. New employees can forget to look at someone’s ID when they first start. No matter who runs the register, the POS+ will remind them to ask for an ID for every relevant purchase. The system lets you give product departments like tobacco and e-cigarettes an age limit and reminds you to look at a customer’s ID when you ring them up.

This feature lets you keep track of products that require ID and which don’t. With regulations and product labels changing, it can get difficult to make sure that every item that needs an ID check has it. When you have POS+, you can add the ID check prompt once and have it handle the rest. Let our tobacco and vape shop POS system remember which items count as age-restricted.

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Weigh Loose Leaf Tobacco

If you sell loose leaf tobacco by the pound, you may have to go back and forth between a scale and register. The POS+ saves you time with an integrated scale that connects to the system. When you plug the scale into the system, it calculates an item’s price per pound and then adds the price to your purchase total. You don’t have to do any of the math because the POS+ does it for you. Entrepreneurs who roll cigarettes and cigars to sell can also use the scale to weigh the tobacco they use.

POS+ also works with integrated scales that print barcodes. You can weigh a pack of loose leaf tobacco and package it for sale on a shelf. This feature lets you weigh and price loose leaf tobacco during slow periods so you can save time during busier business hours. If you sell assorted candies or similar products that you need to weigh and price, you can also use your POS system’s scale for these items. Add an integrated scale to your POS+ order or use one you already own — we can help you decide which is the best choice.

Tobacco Store Owner Using POS System

Ring Up Snacks, Candies and More

Many tobacco shops sell small candies and snacks for convenience. If you sell packaged snack products, you can find them already in our catalog of items. The system comes with more than 400,000 UPC barcodes for popular products. You can put these items in a different department from tobacco and e-cigarettes without an age check. Customers who only buy non-tobacco products won’t have to show ID.

Departments and inventory features in POS+ give you many options for item organization. You can set stock alerts for specific products so you know when you need to reorder them. Since POS+ lets you organize your departments however you like, they can become a powerful business tool. If you sell vape and tobacco products, you might want to create different departments for them to track your sales. Try moving products between different departments to see what organizational method works best for your store.

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Offer Quantity Sales on Cigars, Vape Cartridges and More

You know your customers love to stock up, so you probably run quantity-based promotions. For example, you might have a discount that happens when someone gets three or more cigars. However, you have to spend extra time at check-out calculating discounts if you’re using a basic cash register. When you have a POS system like the POS+, it automatically adds the discount when it reads the right number of items.

POS+ also encourages your customers to meet the requirements for these discounts by showing how many more items they need to buy. If they buy a product that qualifies for the discount but not in a high enough quantity, POS+ shows a prompt. Using the previous example of a discount for three or more cigars, the system notifies the customer of the potential discount when they buy one or two. Your cashier can mention these notifications to customers to motivate them to buy more.

Want to get paid monthly for your tobacco sales? Some merchants can make up to 15 cents per carton sold with the National Retail Solutions tobacco sales rewards program. When you participate by becoming a member of this loyalty program — without any required long-term contract — you can give your customers discounts that will then be reimbursed to you, increasing your revenue and traffic.

Desktop Barcode Scanner

Read Custom Barcodes

Some tobacco shop owners create unique cigarettes, cigars and vape cartridges you can’t find anywhere else. When you sell these products, you have to count and price them by hand. With the POS+, you can use a barcode printer to make scannable stickers for your items. Place the labels on each product, or keep a barcode sticker to scan near the register. You can also create quick one-click items on your POS screen. All of these methods make checkouts faster and easier.

The custom barcodes feature also lets you add unique items to your inventory catalog. When you register a barcode with your handcrafted product, you can use that same barcode to ring up the same type of item in the future. You can benefit from the simplicity of pre-made barcodes while offering your customers something unique. Enjoy the efficiency that larger stores have while staying true to your business’s spirit.

NRS PAY Credit Card Reader

Credit Card Processing Also Available

Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer to use card payments for everyday purchases. Our credit card processing machine accepts ALL forms of card payments and integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS+. The credit card reader also accepts EBT payments for items that you select in the POS as being eligible for EBT. This cohesive interaction between the POS+ and the credit card processors’ EBT capabilities is not offered by most POS companies.

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