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reasons employees quit their jobs

Top Eight Reasons Employees Quit Their Part-Time Jobs

According to Forbes, the United States now has its largest job-quitting rate since 2001. When one of your employees quits, you lose the time and money needed to replace them. You could even have a business that doesn’t do enough for its employees if your workers keep leaving. These eight reasons why part-time employees quit […]

save time and money with pos

Save Time and Money With a POS

Did you know that buying a POS (point of sale) system saves you money over time? While you need to make an initial investment, you more than earn back the money you spend on it due to increased business efficiency. You also can’t underestimate the time you get back when you use a POS to […]

tips on how to run a successful deli

How to Run a Successful Deli

Your deli brings fresh and convenient food to your local customers. Many delis even function as community gathering locations where locals eat together and have a chance to catch up. If you recently started a deli or have plans to build your deli into the top local eatery, we’re here to help! We have put […]

best technologies for your small business

Technologies Your Small Business Should Use

If you do not know much about technology, you might feel confused about what you need for your business. Some kinds of technology help small businesses more than others. When you use these technologies, it will be easier to keep up with larger stores. These technologies are often simple to use and affordable. Affordable Cloud […]

small businesses inventory management guide

Guide to Small Business Inventory Management

When you run a small business, there are many important factors that you need to consider on a daily basis. Employee scheduling, the cleanliness of your store, sales, expenses and so much more. Tracking inventory needs to be one of your priorities. If you don’t have enough product on your shelves or in your storage […]

prevent employee theft in retail

How to Prevent Employee Theft in Retail

In the United States, employee theft costs businesses $50 billion every year. While big stores can cover the lost profit, many small businesses don’t have the money. You can’t afford to have your staff members steal from you. However, some security upgrades might not work with your budget. Use these seven strategies to prevent theft […]

most profitable small businesses

Most Profitable Small Businesses in 2018

Are you considering starting a small business? Do you want to learn more about the competition for your existing small business? Knowing which industries earn the most money this year will help you make smart decisions. The following five types of small businesses are all sure to earn money in 2018. 1. Coffee Shops Last […]