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National Retail Solutions Receives Prestigious Visionary Spotlight Award

Nation’s Leading Provider of POS Services for Mom-and-Pop Stores Recognized for Its Premier Services and Programs, Dedication to Customer Service LNEWARK, NJ (JUNE 23, 2021) – National Retail Solutions (NRS), the country’s leading provider of Point of Sale Systems (POS) to independently-owned, small to mid-sized businesses, has earned a prestigious[…]

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Best Promotions for Small Business

You’ve just had your store’s grand opening and curious customers have flocked in, getting your business off to a great start. They’ll all be back and it’ll be a great success – or so you think. Well, not necessarily! Don’t be lured into false confidence. The toughest part of the[…]

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How the NRS POS Helps Hardware Stores Succeed

There are lots of nuts, bolts and screws that go into running a mom-and-pop hardware store, business-wise and literally. There are tools and supplies lining the shelves, including aisles full of fasteners. Hundreds of these large and small items alike have their own UPC. This is why hardware stores absolutely[…]

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Everything You Need to Know About NRS Funding – Cash Advances For Your Small Business

There’s great news for new, small businesses these days that just opened or have been struggling amidst the pandemic. As more and more people become vaccinated and with indoor shopping restrictions lifted, foot traffic has increased and people that one-year ago were doing all of their shopping online are leaving[…]

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EBT and Your Gas Station – Symbiotic Success

A gas station owner may question why he should accept EBT (the modern, digital version of federally-issued food stamps) at his gas station c-store. After all, he may think, people use EBT cards at grocery stores, not at a service station convenience store. By not offering EBT acceptance, however, a[…]

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