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types of products you can buy with eWic

What Types of Products Can Be Purchased Using eWIC?

eWIC, the modern-day equivalent of food stamps, is an electronic benefits program that assists low-income women, infants, and children. The program provides them with free healthy food staples and nutritional resources to ensure they get the nutrition they need for better overall health. Those who are eligible for eWIC use[…]

why it is important to accept ewic cards

The Importance of Accepting eWIC at Your Small Business

Accepting eWIC cards can play a critical role for small businesses looking to serve their communities, grow their customer base, and increase revenue. eWIC is a program consisting of government-issued, electronic benefit cards focused on serving Women, Infants & Children. It is the modern-day digital equivalent of food stamps for[…]

what is merchant cash advance

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Sometimes, small business owners will need to borrow money, whether it’s for start-up help or after the doors have opened and the surplus/rainy day account is stretched thin. For most merchants, small business funding includes major start-up expenses that would break the bank if not for borrowing options. These costs[…]

Big Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses 2022

The biggest shopping day of the year will be upon us soon. This year, Black Friday is on November 25. The day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” because it can make or break businesses’ profits for the year. The opportunity gives stores a means to finish the year “in[…]

minimum wage in 2022

Minimum Wage by State in 2022

An important piece of knowledge for anyone in the workforce is minimum wage. This refers to the lowest amount that an employee can be paid for their labor. However, many states have different standards for pay, which can heavily impact workers. Throughout the years, minimum wage has started to increase[…]

carbon offsetting

Is Carbon Offsetting Worth It? All You Need to Know

Reducing your net carbon emissions by purchasing credits to fund clean energy and other carbon-reducing projects worldwide is an exciting proposition. The opportunity to be an environmentally-friendly company that cares about the planet and is willing to take action to help make for a healthier place for future generations creates[…]

step by step guide to opening a gas station

Step by Step Guide to Opening a Gas Station

Opening a gas station can be complicated, but this shouldn’t discourage you from doing so. It is a fantastic opportunity to open a business in this industry since fuel is in high demand. With millions of drivers filling up their tanks daily to get where they need to go, it[…]