Questions to Ask When Deciding to Buy a POS

Every point of sale (POS) system has different features they offer to businesses. Since your company has unique needs, you want a system that helps you achieve your individual goals. You can ask a sales representative the following questions to understand how a POS will fit into your business:

1. What Hardware and Software Come With Your System?

When shopping for a POS, you can make the process easier by creating a list of the features you want in your system. You can then compare your list to the services and functions offered by a company. Hardware and software are two of a POS system’s vital parts. A POS that suits your business will include everything you need to start using it from the beginning. Ask about the software’s ease of use and whether equipment like a Cash Drawer, Scanner, or Receipt Printer are included.

2. Do You Have Add-Ons Available?

Some POS providers offer add-ons that enhance your experience with the system. These optional pieces of equipment and software features can add convenience for typical retail stores, and some add-ons can be of specific use to businesses in certain industries. For example, if you sell items by weight, an integrated scale will help you add up product prices. If your customers prefer to pay with a card, a card reader expands your customer base. Tell the sales representative about your needs to see if they have any ideas about an add-on that can help.

3. How Can Customers Pay for Your POS System?

Most POS system pricing models require a large upfront payment. However, many companies also give you the option to pay in installments. These financing plans let you make payments over a few months, so you can pay what you can afford each month. When a POS system’s upfront price seems out of your budget, check if you have any alternate payment options.

4. What Kind of Support Do You Provide to Your Customers?

Your experience with your POS system goes beyond the software and hardware. Many POS companies provide additional services to their customers that help them use their product. For instance, you can ask if they can give you one-on-one training on-site. You may also want to ask about the availability of their customer service so you can get assistance at crucial business times.

5. How Much Experience Do You Have With My Industry?

Just like any other business service, POS providers have more features for specific industries than others. Try asking a representative about the kinds of clients they serve. You can also see if they know about any features that would work for your industry. A POS company that understands your industry can help you tailor your POS to your business goals.

Let the POS+ Team Answer Your Questions

POS+ from National Retail Solutions, Inc. offers an affordable POS suited for small businesses. We partner with our clients to give them the advantage they need to compete with big chain stores. Our customer service team helps potential clients like you decide if POS+ will assist with growing your business. Get in touch with our sales department today to learn more.