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how credit card processing works

How Credit Card Processing Works

When customers swipe, dip, or tap their credit cards, it gets processed through many different players who are involved in making the transaction authorized. Understanding the different players and their roles in the credit card processing system is an important step for merchants if they want to know how credit card processing works, how to […]

employment scheduling made easier

How to Make Employee Scheduling Easier at Your Supermarket

Your supermarket’s employees have busy schedules. You want to give them shifts that make sense so that everyone can balance their work and everyday lives. When something comes up and an employee can’t come in, you want to have backup options. Managing your staff’s schedule takes a lot of work, but it becomes easier when […]

hire millennials for your small business

Why You Should Hire Millennials for Your Small Business

More than one-third of American workers are part of the millennial generation. As the hiring manager for a small business, you likely see plenty of people in their 20’s and 30’s applying for a job, but you might worry that the stereotypes about younger adults have some truth to them. It turns out that millennials […]

pos to improve gas station business

How Gas Stations Can Improve Business With a POS

If you run a gas station, you know you do so much more than pumping fuel. Many gas stations double as convenience stores and restaurants. Managing all these parts of your business by yourself can get difficult, especially without a system to organize them. A point of sale (POS) system like POS+ acts like an […]

hire employees for small business

What to Look for in Hiring Small Business Employees

Both new and experienced small business owners find hiring difficult. While a lot of people mention how hard it is to look for a job, not as many realize that hiring also has its challenges. How do you know which candidate to hire? You have unique hiring needs, but all small businesses can benefit from […]

reasons employees quit their jobs

Top Eight Reasons Employees Quit Their Part-Time Jobs

According to Forbes, the United States now has its largest job-quitting rate since 2001. When one of your employees quits, you lose the time and money needed to replace them. You could even have a business that doesn’t do enough for its employees if your workers keep leaving. These eight reasons why part-time employees quit […]

start a meat shop business

How to Start a Meat Shop Business

Your neighborhood counts on meat markets and butcher shops to get their daily protein. If you want to become one of these community staples, you have a few factors to consider first. Starting a butcher business takes common sense and preparedness, so you can achieve your goals if you think ahead. When you open a meat shop, […]