How to Compete With Big Box Stores by Using Technology

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how to compete with big store chains

Competition is crucial for small to mid-sized, independently held company owners. Keeping up with the competition may not be the most pressing issue for a small business owner but how they compare to them. Businesses need to be dedicated to marketing, inventory, sales monitoring, and pricing in addition to a large online presence so they have more of an advantage over other competitors.
This is where technology plays a role. Merchants will discover various methods to outperform their competition if they have the newest technology, such as Employ technology. Along with technology, small stores benefit from superior, one-on-one customer service that the big players might not provide.

Keeping track of sales and inventories is vital to dealing with the problems of being competitive. People are more likely to shop at a small or medium-sized business than a big box store because of the convenience and proximity. If you have what they’re looking for, you’ll also get their attention.

Convenience stores and other retail outlets benefit greatly when using cutting-edge Point of Sale systems. Advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems offer software functionalities that greatly transcend a basic cash register and credit card processor. Uploading data and sales figures are examples of these capabilities. If done manually, the process will be substantially more time-consuming and error-prone.

A POS with an electronic inventory monitoring system may be utilized in the business or remotely every day of the week. As a result, merchants can easily track their inventory with no errors and will be aware of items that customers are purchasing and when they need to be reordered. Customers who discover what they desire at your business on a regular basis will abandon the chains and become devoted customers.

A good POS system may also help you keep your clients and attract new ones. These systems let company owners track client purchases and provide consumer loyalty programs, rewards, and discounts tailored to a shopper’s preferences. This is considerably easier than having to track this information by hand, is a significant advantage for consumers, and will generate positive word of mouth that will help you outperform the competition. Customers will marvel at how your business offers big-chain items, services, and programs and a winning, handy location, and excellent customer service. Customers have no incentive to shop at a large box store, but they do have every reason to shop at your store.

Big box companies’ websites make ordering and shipping simple, so keeping up with the expansion of online shopping, which shows no signs of slowing down, is critical. For small to medium-sized enterprises, creating a website might be prohibitively expensive. Smaller establishments, on the other hand, may use complex POS systems to create their own e-commerce platform, complete with linked websites and inventory listings, for a nominal monthly cost.

Another big feature of current POS systems is ID scanning technology. When clients wish to buy age-restricted items like alcohol or cigarettes, this technology keeps lines moving smoothly. When employing ID scanning, which eliminates the guesswork of evaluating if an ID is fraudulent, no phony IDs get past store personnel.

Independent company owners can employ customer-facing displays at checkout to attract consumers to pick up more things they may not have known they needed, similar to how large box shops use advertising screens to tell shoppers of deals throughout the store. High-tech point-of-sale systems, once again, provide these screens.

Some POS systems provide peace of mind by tracking staff hours electronically and including camera and DVR surveillance. Merchants will be able to readily determine when employee hours should be raised or decreased, as well as have a deterrent against theft. Panic buttons included with modern POS systems help deter robbers. Our panic buttons are silent and won’t let the perpetrator know that you pressed a panic button. Given today’s atmosphere of violence, especially in metropolitan areas, panic buttons are critical. This technology may make the difference between disaster and arrest at a merchant’s fingertips.

For company owners to start strong right from the grand opening and stay with the latest technology used by large box retailers, they must take advantage of the numerous sophisticated technology supplied by POS systems. Technology plays an essential role in generating repeat consumers and increasing income. When technology is fully employed, a small mom-and-pop store may provide several advantages over purchasing at a big box store.

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