How to Compete With Big Box Stores by Using Technology

To compete with the large box businesses, small to mid-sized independent business owners must be competitive. Owners must devote resources to marketing, inventory, sales monitoring, and pricing and maintain a strong web presence to obtain an advantage over their competition. Having the required tools to be competitive also entails having access to the most up-to-date technology.

Merchants will discover various methods to outperform their competition if they have the newest technology. Convenience stores and other retail outlets benefit greatly from cutting-edge Point of Sale systems. Advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems offer software functionalities that transcend a basic cash register and credit card processor. A top-quality POS system may help keep your clients and attract new ones. These systems let company owners track client purchases and provide consumer loyalty programs, rewards, and discounts tailored to a shopper’s preferences. This is considerably easier than tracking this information by hand and will generate positive word of mouth that will help you outperform the competition. Customers will marvel at how your business offers big-chain items, services, programs, and excellent customer service. Customers have no incentive to shop at a large box store but will have every reason to shop at your store.

In addition, owners who use a high-tech POS system usually offer a customer-facing display that can attract more consumers. When you use a customer-facing screen, you may advertise your offers and sales while attracting clients’ attention to persuade them to buy more. Similarly, large box shops use advertising screens to tell shoppers about deals throughout the store. However, they do not have an interactive checkout system like small to medium-sized businesses have, which gives them the upper hand. Customers despite having to wait in line for long periods to purchase their products, and that’s why offering your consumers an engaging checkout experience can make all the difference. Customers will appreciate viewing the price of each item they purchase while looking at your customer-facing screen.

Owners can maintain track of sales and inventory to stay up with consumer demands while utilizing their POS to attract customers. Through the POS, merchants can track their inventory, keeping track of the products that customers buy and when they need to be reordered. The POS has an inventory tracking feature that allows you to track items in the store and remotely. Without worrying about when you may use the software, it can be used every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers that find what they’re looking for at your store will quit the chains and become loyal customers.

ID scanning technology is another prominent feature of today’s POS systems. Let’s say you’re selling products that require age verification. ID scanning technology scans the customer’s driver’s license to verify that they are of legal age to purchase an age-restricted item instead of manually validating their age or entering their birthday. This way, lines will move quickly and make an owner’s life much easier.

To keep your consumers returning for more of your products, your store needs to have a prominent online presence to reach a bigger audience. For small to medium-sized companies, creating a website might be prohibitively expensive. On the other hand, smaller establishments may use an advanced POS system provider, like NRS, to make their e-commerce platform, complete with linked websites and inventory listings, for a nominal monthly cost.

Some POS systems provide peace of mind by tracking staff hours electronically and including camera and DVR surveillance. Merchants can readily determine when employee hours should be raised or decreased, as well as have a deterrent against theft. Panic buttons included with modern POS systems help deter robbers. Our panic buttons are silent and won’t let the perpetrator know you pressed a panic button. Given today’s atmosphere of violence, especially in metropolitan areas, panic buttons are critical. This technology may distinguish between disaster and arrest at a merchant’s fingertips.

For company owners to start strong right from the start and have the latest technology used by large box retailers, they must take advantage of the POS systems. Technology plays an essential role in generating repeat consumers and increasing income. When technology is fully employed, a small mom-and-pop store may provide several advantages over purchasing at a big box store.

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