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A Nationwide Coupon Program Sponsored By National Retail Solutions

The BOSS Club Coupon Program from NRS sponsors exclusive discounts at your store from major brands. This way you will be able to offer your shoppers similar discounts to chain stores, and it won’t cost you anything!

When you combine our BOSS Club sponsored coupons with your own store loyalty programs, your customers will keep coming back to shop.

Exclusive to the National Retail Solutions NRS POS

The BOSS Club Coupon Program is exclusively integrated within the NRS Point of Sale system. When you become a POS owner, you also become an AUTHORIZED BOSS CLUB STORE, benefitting from our monthly customer discount offers.

Every month we will put popular items on discount at our nationwide network of authorized BOSS Club stores. When BOSS Club loyalty members redeem these special offers at your store, the POS will automatically take the discount amount off of their total bill. Your customers immediately save money on these items and it doesn’t cost you anything! We will reimburse you for 100% of the discounts claimed in your store within 24 hours.

Offer BOSS Club coupons to your customers with the NRS POS System
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Reward your loyal customers

Your customers love saving money. And they are very familiar with coupon programs offered by big chain pharmacies and grocery stores. Now your independent retail store can offer a nationwide coupon program that is just as good. When you become an authorized BOSS Club store, you will receive professional BOSS Club marketing materials to put up around your store. We will also provide you with free membership cards and keyfobs to sign up your customers with. If you run out of membership cards, you can simply reorder anytime via the NRS POS.
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A seamless integration with the NRS POS

The BOSS Club coupon program is built into the NRS Point of Sale software, allowing you to offer exclusive discounts to BOSS Club members, at no extra cost to you. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to use the BOSS Club coupon program in your store without disrupting your checkout line. To enroll customers in the program, all you need is their phone number. When you sign up a new customer they will receive their own BOSS Club wallet-sized membership card and keyfob. When you swipe your customers’ membership cards at the POS scanner, the POS will automatically recognize items that have been put on discount by BOSS Club and remove the discount amount from your customers’ total bill.  
Step 1 - Offers are delivered to BOSS Club Member Phones
Step 2 - BOSS Club Members Go To Your Store For Promotions
Step 1 - Offers are delivered to BOSS Club Member Phones

Don’t yet have the NRS POS but want to be able to offer BOSS Club Savings for your customers?