How Gas Stations Can Improve Business With a POS

If you run a gas station, you know you do so much more than pumping fuel. Many gas stations double as convenience stores and restaurants. Managing all these parts of your business by yourself can get difficult, especially without a system to organize them. A point of sale (POS) system like POS+ acts like an assistant manager for your gas station convenience store. You can improve your sales without worrying about extra work thanks to these POS+ features:

Fast Checkout

POS+ has a barcode scanner for labeled items like snacks and one-click buttons for unlabeled products like hot and prepared foods. Instead of adding up your unlabeled purchases by hand, you can press a button and enter the number of items. The built-in pricebook already has prices for over 100,000+ popular brand items, so many POS+ owners can start scanning right away. Anything you can’t find in the pricebook can go into the system with a scan and a few clicks.

Simple Price Changing

Product and ingredient costs change all the time. If you need to adjust an item’s price by hand, you have to check all your labels and records. With POS+, editing your prices becomes easier than ever. You can go to the pricebook to manage products in a few clicks. After you change the price, your one-click item buttons will still calculate the total cost accurately. Your sales reports will have correct numbers every time.

Organization by Department

Gas station convenience stores are selling a diverse set of product categories these days including but not limited to: Coffee, Hot Foods, Sandwiches, Snacks, Candies, Tobacco Products, Fountain Soda and Iced Drinks…The POS+ pricebook lets you categorize everything you sell into separate departments. When you look at sales reports, you can organize your profits based on these categories. POS+ helps you understand how different categories of products are selling in comparison to one another.

No-Cost Loyalty Program

Big chain gas stations have loyalty cards that attract customers with deals. However, smaller businesses like yours can’t always afford to make their own loyalty programs. We cover the extra costs and work involved with running a loyalty club so that you can have the same advantage. The BR Loyalty Club comes free with POS+ and gives your customers discounts on everyday items.

Customer-Facing Screen

Your customers want to know how much their purchase costs as you ring them up. The POS+ system comes with a screen for the cashier as well as a customer-facing screen. This monitor adds up the price as you enter items and shows customers the discounts they get. If the customer can save money buying multiple products, the screen will tell them and encourage them to buy more.

Grow Your Gas Station Like Never Before

POS+ makes it easier than ever to manage your gas station convenience store. Our POS system has an affordable price and payment plans to help everyone gain a market advantage. To improve your sales and profits, buy a POS+ system today or get a free quote today.