Choosing a POS System for Gas Stations

  • Efficiency in Operations: Choosing a POS system for gas stations streamlines the management of fuel pumps and in-store retail, facilitating smooth transactions and real-time monitoring
  • Secure Payment Processing: Opt for a POS system for gas stations that offers secure, honest, and reliable payment processing, including EMV compliance
  • Integrated Features: Look for integrated features like loyalty programs, Ecommerce solutions, and third-party integrations that expand the capabilities of your gas station

Why Do You Need a Gas Station POS System?

Operational EfficiencyStreamlined management of fuel pumps and in-store retailSmooth transactions, real-time monitoring
Secure Payment ProcessingSecure, honest, and reliable payment processing with EMV complianceSafeguard against fraudulent activities, improved trust
Integrated FeaturesEfficient inventory management and pricing accuracyExpanded capabilities, enhanced customer satisfaction,
Real-Time Inventory ManagementEfficient inventory management and pricing accuracyEfficient inventory management, and pricing accuracy
Enhanced Customer LoyaltyFeatures like loyalty programs and handling of Tobacco Scan DataEfficient inventory management and pricing accuracy
Ecommerce IntegrationSeamless transition to online retail, unique website creationExpanded sales channels, broader customer base
Safety FeaturesNRS Panic Alarm Button for emergency situations.Enhanced safety and security within the premises.

Choosing a POS system is crucial for a gas station’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. This choice impacts transaction speed, inventory management, and operational workflow.

A suitable POS system acts as your gas station’s nerve center, managing activities and providing valuable business insights.

In this guide, we explore key considerations and features to aid you in choosing a POS system aligned with your business objectives.

Understanding Your Needs When Choosing a POS System For Gas Stations

Before jumping into myriad options, assessing your gas station’s unique needs is crucial. The volume of sales, types of transactions, and the range of services offered will influence the finding the right POS system. 

Here’s a closer look at some considerations:

  • Types of Transactions: Whether it’s fuel sales, in-store retail, or car wash services, the diversity of transactions necessitates a point-of-sale system that can adeptly manage various sales types.
  • Range of Services: Gas stations often offer additional services such as car washes, convenience stores, or food services. A point-of-sale system that integrates these services seamlessly will significantly enhance operational efficiency.

How Much Do POS Systems for Gas Stations Cost?

Investing in a Point-of-sale (POS) system is a significant decision for gas station owners, often entailing a careful consideration of costs, benefits, and the potential return on investment (ROI).

The cost of a POS system can vary widely based on several factors, including its features, the brand, and the pricing model, which can range from $5,000 to $15,000.

For instance, the National Retail Solutions’ NRS Petro POS costs a fraction of other solutions and starts at $1,495.00. NRS also offers a free demo for testing the systems.

Pricing Models:

  • Upfront Costs: This model entails a one-time payment for the hardware and software. It’s a substantial initial investment but has lower costs in the long run as there are no monthly fees.
  • Subscription-Based Models: Here, you pay a monthly or yearly fee for using the POS software and, sometimes, the hardware. This model provides the advantage of lower initial costs and often includes regular updates and support as part of the subscription.

Calculating ROI:

  • Cost Assessment: Begin by tallying the total cost of the POS system, whether it’s an upfront cost or a subscription fee over a designated period.
  • Benefit Quantification: Estimate the monetary value of the benefits the POS system will bring. This could include savings from efficient inventory management, increased sales from upselling features, and time saved from automated processes.
  • ROI Calculation: The basic formula for ROI is (Net Profit / Cost of the Investment) x 100. Substitute the net profit (benefits minus costs) and the investment cost into the formula to calculate the ROI.

Fuel Pump Management

A cornerstone of a gas station POS system’s features is the efficient management of fuel pumps. The right POS system should provide control and monitor fuel pumps directly, ensuring that the heart of your operations beats without a hitch.

  • Fuel Pump Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of fuel levels and transactions at the pump allows for precise control and timely refilling.
  • Prepayments and Reservations: Handling prepayments for fuel, performing reservations, and reversals are functionalities that streamline fuel sales and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Drive-off Monitoring: A feature that monitors for drive-offs and accepts prepayments at the register safeguards against potential losses and ensures that every sale is accounted for.

Retail Item Sales

Choosing POS system for a gas station keeps the store open

Transitioning from the pumps to the in-store experience, retail item sales management is another critical functionality of a POS system. Here’s what to look for when choosing a POS system for gas station:

  • Inventory Management: A robust POS should streamline inventory tracking, helping manage stock levels of in-store items and ensuring that popular items are always in stock.
  • UPC Code Catalog: Support for a UPC code catalog facilitates faster checkout processes and accurate pricing.

Inventory Management

A robust POS system should offer streamlined inventory tracking, helping manage stock levels of in-store items. 

With real-time updates on stock levels, you can ensure that popular items are always available for customers. 

Accurate inventory management also aids in making informed decisions for reordering, reducing the chances of overstocking or understocking, thus optimizing operational costs.

ID Verification

Automated ID Verification: Automating the ID verification process for regulated items like alcohol or vapes ensures compliance with local laws and speeds up transactions. 

This feature allows for a quick scan of a customer’s ID, verifying the age instantaneously and permitting or denying the sale accordingly.

Leveraging Tobacco Scan Data with NRS

The Tobacco Scan Data Program by National Retail Solutions (NRS) is a streamlined approach to managing and monetizing tobacco sales data. 

When submitting your Point Of Sale (POS) scan data through NRS, your establishment becomes eligible to partake in Multi-Pack, and Loyalty Promotions tobacco manufacturers offer.

The beauty of this program lies in its simplicity and automation — you practically do nothing yet receive monthly payments from tobacco manufacturers based on your tobacco sales. 

NRS handles the meticulous task of uploading all eligible promotions with the correct rates, running them for the designated duration, and reporting them accordingly.

Made-to-Order Item Sales

For gas stations with food service, managing made-to-order item sales efficiently is crucial for enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing sales. 

Choosing a POS system that Incorporates self-serve food kiosks can significantly streamline the ordering process.

Enabling customers to place their orders at these kiosks reduces the wait times, making the ordering process quicker and more efficient. 

This not only improves the customer experience but also allows the staff to focus on preparing the orders accurately and promptly, thereby ensuring that the customers receive their orders with less wait, leading to a satisfying customer experience and potentially higher sales.

UPC Code Catalog

Supporting a UPC code catalog is vital as it facilitates faster checkout processes and ensures accurate pricing. 

By scanning the UPC codes, the POS system can quickly retrieve the price and details of a product, speeding up the checkout process. 

Furthermore, a UPC code catalog can be a valuable tool for managing promotions or discounts, ensuring that price adjustments are applied accurately and consistently across all items.

Fleet Card Acceptance

Fleet cards are a common payment method in gas stations. Choosing a POS system capable of accepting fleet cards and processing these transactions smoothly will cater to a broader customer base, including commercial drivers and fleet operators.

Expanding Customer Reach through EBT and eWIC Acceptance

Accepting Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and eWIC at your gas station store can significantly broaden your customer base, including individuals and families benefitting from government assistance programs. 

EBT and eWIC acceptance ensures that you provide a necessary service to your community, allowing individuals to use their government-provided benefits in a convenient and accessible location.

This inclusivity can also foster a positive image for your gas station within the community. The NRS Petro POS, tailored for gas station convenience stores, facilitates seamless EBT and eWIC transactions, offering a valuable service to the community.

Through the NRS EBT Unlimited program, accepting EBT and eWIC is cost-effective with a flat monthly fee, negating transaction fees, and potentially driving more traffic at the pumps and in-store.

Enhancing Transaction Security with EMV Compliance

Essential for gas station software, EMV compliance bolsters security for cardholders, merchants, and card issuers by mitigating risks from counterfeit, lost, or stolen payment cards at the point of sale.

With a smart microchip, EMV cards interact securely with the merchant’s EMV card reader, validating the card’s authenticity. Each transaction generates a unique code, ensuring every payment is distinct, thus providing a bulwark against fraudulent activities.

EMV compliance transcends being merely a technology; it’s a cornerstone for secure, reliable, and trustworthy transactions in POS systems for gas stations.

Adapt Checkout with Contactless EMV

With the integration of contactless capabilities, the NRS EMV EZ PUMP enhances the checkout process at the pumps, making it more efficient and safe. 

Utilizing contactless EMV, customers can bypass the steps of card insertion, zip code entry, or signature for transactions, thus eliminating touch points and expediting the payment process. 

This improves the transaction speed and adds a layer of safety, which is especially important in the prevailing health-conscious environment.

Secure Credit Card Transactions with NRS

In a busy gas station, a good system for handling sales and payments is key. It makes things run smoothly and keeps customers happy. One big part of this is how the system handles credit card payments. 

National Retail Solutions (NRS) offers tools that make handling credit card payments safe, quick, and easy for gas station owners. Here are some details about what NRS offers for secure credit card transactions:

  • Transparent Pricing: With no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, and no early termination fees, NRS Pay offers a transparent pricing structure.
  • Affordable Credit Card Acceptance: The Clean Rate plan facilitates affordable credit card acceptance with a modest monthly fee plus a small percentage and fee per transaction.
  • Unlimited Transactions: Merchants can process unlimited transactions.
  • Advanced EMV Technology: The NRS EMV EZ PUMP, equipped with advanced EMV technology, minimizes the risk of fraud at the point of sale.
  • Versatile Payment Options: The system can process payments made with regular cards, chip cards, and mobile payments.
  • Efficient Transaction Completion: Customers can easily finalize payments by entering a PIN or signing their name.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The efficient and secure transaction process improves customer experience.

Store Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs can significantly enhance customer retention. Choosing a POS system that manages a store loyalty program can help track purchases and reward loyal customers, encouraging repeat business.

Fostering Customer Loyalty with NRS Programs

The NRS Loyalty Premium Feature is a robust tool designed for store owners to cultivate customer retention through the NRS POS system. 

By tracking transactions, each customer visit becomes an opportunity for retailers to effectively roll out a “BUY X – GET 1 FREE” club program or award loyalty points to customers. 

These initiatives motivate customers to keep returning and making purchases to earn rewards. 

The NRS Loyalty Premium Feature is an available subscription add-on service bundled within the Advanced software plan, making it an accessible option for enhancing customer loyalty and, by extension, store profitability.

Car Wash Services

For those gas stations offering car wash services, managing these sales through the POS is crucial for an integrated service experience.

Third-Party Integrations

Integration with third-party software for functionalities like digital signage, loyalty offers, and car wash hardware can expand the capabilities of your POS system, making it a versatile tool for managing various aspects of your gas station operations.

Hardware and Software Flexibility

The flexibility in hardware and software configurations ensures that the POS system can adapt to the unique needs of your gas station whether it’s an all-in-one hardware system or compatibility with various hardware configurations, a flexible system will serve you better in the long run.

Expanding Business with NRS Ecommerce

Transitioning from conventional retail to an online platform can be daunting for many gas station owners. Embracing Ecommerce is becoming an indispensable step toward sustaining and growing the business.

  • Unique Website Creation: NRS creates a special website for your store, displaying all products from your system.
  • Real-Time Updates: Changes in prices, inventory, or menu on your POS are instantly updated on your website.
  • Direct Order Integration: Orders from your website go straight into your POS, with no delivery fee for merchants and an option to set delivery fees for customers.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The online platform provides customers with a convenient and reliable shopping alternative.
  • Mobile Platform Extension: Through the BR Club App, customers can order and receive deliveries from your online store without any order fees for merchants.
  • Organized Product Display: The app sorts all products into categories, making browsing and purchasing easier for customers.
  • Store Locator Feature: Helps new customers find your store, expanding your customer base.
  • Competitive Edge: Combining an online store and mobile app gives your business a competitive advantage in digital retail.
  • Increased Revenue Potential: By extending into the online retail space, gas stations can reach more customers and boost their revenue.
  • Seamless Ecommerce Experience: NRS’s Ecommerce solutions provide a smooth and integrated online shopping experience, bridging the physical and digital retail environments.

Keeping Everyone Safe with NRS Panic Alarm Button

Safety is paramount in gas stations, given the high traffic and the nature of the products being handled. Implementing robust safety measures ensures the protection of staff and customers and promotes a sense of security within the premises.

According to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. gas stations are the site of approximately 63,530 violent crimes annually, accounting for 2% in 2020.

A notable feature contributing to safety is the NRS Panic Alarm Button integrated within the POS system. A discreet yet effective tool, a “long hold” on the “No Sale” button on the touchscreen opens the cash drawer and silently alerts the police for help.

This feature allows for swift response in emergency situations while minimizing panic and maintaining a controlled environment during unforeseen security issues.


In conclusion, selecting the right Point Of Sale (POS) system is a pivotal decision for gas station owners, aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting revenue. 

National Retail Solutions (NRS) emerges as a holistic solution, catering to the diverse needs of a gas station’s operation. 

Here are five key takeaways that underscore why NRS is the perfect choice for a gas station POS:

  1. Comprehensive Payment Solutions: NRS provides a robust platform for secure credit card transactions through NRS Pay and the NRS EMV EZ PUMP.
  2. Ecommerce Integration: The seamless Ecommerce solutions by NRS provide a smooth transition to online retail, expanding sales channels and reaching a broader customer base. The unique website creation and the BR Club App extend the shopping experience beyond the physical store.
  3. Real-Time Inventory Management: The coherent integration between the POS system and the online platform ensures real-time updates on inventory, prices, and menu items.
  4. Enhanced Customer Loyalty: With features like the NRS Loyalty Premium Feature and the ability to handle Tobacco Scan Data, NRS helps build and reward customer loyalty.
  5. Affordable and Transparent Pricing: The straightforward pricing models, including the Clean Rate plan, make credit card processing affordable and predictable for merchants, underscoring NRS’s commitment to providing value-driven solutions.