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Why Secure Credit Card Processing is so Important

Choosing the right credit card processing system is an essential element to the success of small and mid-sized businesses. It’s a decision that can save money, time and stress by allowing merchants to focus on other elements of the business. Picking a credit card processor might seem like a simple[…]

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What is EMV and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

The April 2021 deadline for EMV compliance at gas stations has long gone! Did you already upgrade your dispensers to accept EMV contactless transactions? Perhaps you never intended to upgrade to EMV in the first place, due to the lack of options, cost effectiveness, and business downtime. Either way, just[…]

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Customer service and building relationships for small to mid-sized companies doesn’t end when a customer rings up and leaves the store or clicks “purchase” on your website or ordering app. Especially with ecommerce, an organization’s sales representatives need to be able to immediately answer, or find an answer quickly, to[…]

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Become an NRS Weekend Warrior!

Due to the economic downturn and for many reasons, more people than ever are taking on second jobs, either part-time or working around the clock to make ends meet. Many are starting side-businesses beyond their primary day job. According to the US Census Bureau, about 13 million workers have more[…]

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How Offering Pick Up and Drop Off Parcel Service Can Help Your Business

Online shopping is easy, convenient and hassle free. Items that may be out of stock at a brick and mortar store are easy to find online and can save customers a wasted trip on foot. Especially these days, retailers are selling more and more online. Browsing and buying online allows[…]

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