Become an NRS Distributor

NRS is the leading provider of POS systems to independently owned, small-to-mid-sized convenience, grocery, tobacco, liquor, hardware and gas station c-stores nationwide.

As a distributor committed to helping businesses update their equipment, expand their offerings and increase their revenue, referring and selling NRS products and services is a natural fit.

Why Become a Distributor?

Being an NRS distributor means working with businesses to help improve and upgrade their business model, and also be one step ahead of their competitors.

As a distributor of NRS’ suite of programs, you’ll have the satisfaction of promoting and vending innovative, state-of-the art products and systems that are critical to business success.

Our wide range of user-friendly, attractive products and programs benefit merchants by helping them significantly increase revenue and save substantial dollars. Working as an NRS distributor, you’ll be selling top-notch, quality products that greatly assist small to mid-sized businesses to be their best. For instance, NRS’ durable, robust POS hardware and software plus NRS PAY credit card processing are tailored for our clients’ needs and our products can be packaged ‘mix and match’, in different formats.

NRS products and services are not ‘one-size-fits-all’, so you can work with customers to provide solutions that are most effective for their business model and budget.

The NRS point of sale system, custom built for helping retailers succeed, practically sells itself. The NRS POS, at the heart of NRS’ offerings, boasts durable hardware with powerful merchant software tools to organize the business, attract customers and make more money. The POS’ innovative sales, inventory and users tracking in real time, 24/7, allows merchants to see what’s happening in their store – on site or via remote app and merchant web portal – and helps ensure that they have correct amounts of stock on the shelves. Sales and inventory tracking helps a store owner to properly time sales and promotions. User management lets a store owner know who is on shift, and when. The NRS POS comes with a free, built-in customer loyalty program which is on par with larger-chain promotions, plus, industry leading Boss Revolution® pinless recharge on the POS, with one-touch Boss portal access on the POS. POS Premium Subscription Features include Tobacco Scan Data; Government ID Age-Verification Scanning; POS-DVR Camera Integration; Item Modifiers; Employee Time Clock; Customer Tab; Advanced Data; Ecommerce; and many more options, available individually or as part of software bundle plans. These are just some of the NRS Premium Features that include everything you need to help a proprietor run their business. These features offer additional revenue opportunities for resellers.

NRS Pay is fast gaining popularity as honest, clean credit card processing, for seamless integration with the NRS POS or used as a standalone service. NRS Pay is unique in that customers benefit from a free credit card reader, zero hidden fees, no long-term contract and no early termination fee.

You can help store owners obtain funding, with a generous Distributor Commissions structure. NRS Funding offers cash advance business loans ranging from $2,500 to $500,000 that show up in the merchant’s bank account much more quickly than a traditional bank loan, with an easy application process. A retailer can apply for a free quote which won’t impact their credit.

Any store located in an area where EBT (the digital equivalent of food stamps) use is prevalent, can benefit from offering EBT. Offering EBT increases a store’s foot traffic, while it provides a valuable community service for customers who rely upon government assistance. NRS PAY makes it easy and more affordable for a retailer to accept EBT, with its EBT Unlimited! program.

Benefits You’ll Get as a Reseller:

  • Flexibility – Sell on your own schedule. You can refer and/or sell for NRS full-time, part-time, or even as a “Weekend Warrior”

  • Opportunities for travel and acquiring new territories in an ever-expanding market all across the USA

  • Uncapped growth potential selling multiple products and services to hungry niche customers who need and appreciate what NRS offers

  • Top-of-the-line sales training. You’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor to help you along – you become part of the NRS family!

  • Distributor access to the Distributor Resource Center

  • Generous commission-based compensation

And much more!

Be your own boss! Become a Channel Sales Partner today and gain the satisfaction of helping merchants by selling the foremost products in the point of sale industry.

Learn about the NRS POS and NRS Pay credit card processing at and To get started as a reseller, visit