Point of Sale System for Consignment Stores

When opening a consignment store, there are numerous business aspects to consider. A consignment store owner must consider how they want to sell their items and how much profit they want to keep for their company. It is hard enough to keep track of the percentages and sales by hand, and that is why a store owner may need to buy a point-of-sale system to manage their store better. Owning a point-of-sale system has many benefits that can help store owners keep track of their price book, inventory, employees’ hours, and what to do in an emergency.

Why a Consignment Store Needs a POS System

From used clothing to jewelry, consignment shops carry a variety of goods. These products come from customers trying to sell their products, while store owners profit when the item is sold. To store all of the items that customers bring into the store, owners require a point-of-sale system that can best assist them in entering price-book items, ringing up items, and keeping track of inventory. A high-tech POS system allows store owners to separate merchandise into categories, such as dresses, sweaters, shoes, household items, and furniture, which can help store owners or employees when they need to find an item on the point-of-sale system.

What to Look For in a POS System

Basic POS Features

The best POS systems, such as those provided by National Retail Solutions (NRS), have an all-in-one system that can help consignment shop owners keep track of sales data, inventory, and employee hours, as well as a panic button for emergencies. The point-of-sale system includes a built-in system that displays sales statistics, allowing users to see how their sales have performed over the last day, week, month, or year, enabling them to see what items they need to restock. Similarly, the inventory management system has a color-coded system to help users categorize their items and a system to notify users when they are running low on stock. These are some of the few examples of what an NRS point of sale system can do for a consignment store owner, and it has many more features for them to benefit from.

Pricebook Management

In many ways, a price book management system can be beneficial when running a consignment store. A price book is a master list of products that includes all the items in the store, descriptions, prices, taxes, and fees. The system takes these items and organizes them into categories for merchants to easily see what they have without taking hours just to find one item. Without this program, merchants may waste valuable time manually entering prices into the cash register. For example, suppose a consignment store owner receives a high volume of customers bringing in various items. In that case, employees may become overwhelmed by manually entering these items into the system, causing both employees and customers to become frustrated with the long checkout process. That is why it is critical to have a POS system for your consignment store that includes this program to track all the items your store requires.


Similarly, an inventory management system can also be beneficial to get all of the store’s items in one place. With the help of this program, store owners can check their current inventory and let customers know whether an item is available. Having this data well organized is vital, and an efficient POS system is the path to success in keeping hot sellers in stock. To check on the sales of their items, many customers come into the store once a week, twice a week, or once a month. There is no reason, however, why store owners couldn’t be proactive and inform customers when their inventory is running low. The more a customer replenishes stock that’s selling well, the more revenue they’ll generate.

Employee Time Tracking

While employees work in the consignment store, merchants must keep track of employee hours while the store is open. Fortunately, the NRS POS system has an employee time clock that can easily track when an employee is working at the store. They can track their time at the store and who has rung up customers by simply adding the names of every employee as separate users. Store owners can then easily manage payroll and keep an eye on how much time is being logged, thanks to the system’s ability to generate a detailed report on the total amount of time each employee has worked.

Panic Button

Any small business, including a consignment shop, must have security measures like panic buttons and surveillance systems. The NRS POS system offers its customers a panic button alarm system with a silent button that won’t make store owners feel vulnerable. Oftentimes, when a store owner has a panic button, the panic button isn’t silent, and the perpetrator feels threatened, defeating the alarm system’s purpose of providing safety. When a store owner has this function in their POS system, it can make pressing the button less obvious and more convenient. Panic buttons can be beneficial for any store owner, no matter where they are located, and can prevent a robbery and deter future crime.

The NRS POS system software for consignment stores can be beneficial in many ways, including helping them to manage and monitor their inventory, providing sales analytics to inform their business decisions, and optimizing the customer experience through automation. The all-in-one POS system is the perfect, reliable way to run your consignment shop more efficiently and smoothly than ever before. To learn more about the NRS Plus POS system software for your consignment store, click here.