7 Ways to Modernize Your Retail Store

Updating your retail store’s appearance and technology will make you look more professional. Even businesses on a small budget can make affordable, minor changes. If you know where to upgrade your retail store, your updates will help your business grow. Try these seven tips for modernizing your shop.

1. Tidy Up Your Store

Cleaning up your retail space costs little to no money. Yet, it makes a big difference. Wipe down dust and clear the floors. Get rid of any extra clutter on your desks and counters. Organize your backrooms so you can do your job more efficiently.

2. Accept Card and Mobile Payments

While only 12 percent of customers prefer to pay with cash, 77 percent choose payment cards. If you don’t have a credit card reader, you miss out on customers who only use cards to pay. An EMV card reader accepts regular cards, cards with chips and mobile payments. We offer a machine that takes all major cards at a low rate. forms

3. Update Your Store Signs

Refresh your store’s outside appearance with new signs. Depending on your skills and resources, you could go to a printing store or create one by hand. Make sure customers can easily read your signs. The signs should also be made of durable materials that resists bad weather.

4. Change the Inside of the Store

Creating a new inside appearance costs little to no money. Try different shelving and aisle layouts. Put eye-catching products in your windows or at the entrance. Create a fresher look in your store using low-cost techniques like re-painting the walls, changing lightbulbs to LEDs, and power washing the floors.

5. Start a Loyalty Program

Many retail chains have a loyalty card customers can use to save money. They run members-only specials that keep card owners coming back. Starting a program on your own costs money. However, you can join a nationwide discount program like BR Club for free when you buy a National Retail Solutions POS+ system. This free loyalty program works like the ones at chain stores.

6. Create Online Store Information

business Plenty of customers use the Internet to find stores in their areas and look up opening hours. If you don’t have basic information about your store online, how can they know about your business? You don’t have to pay for a website to get your to appear in search results. Create a free Facebook page that has your contact information and hours. Google lets you add your business to their map and search results for no cost.

7. Get a Modern Point of Sale (POS) System

A POS system has hardware and software that help you manage your sales. Our POS+ system checks out customers, handles prices and tracks your profits. It makes your store more modern by speeding up average check-out time, and helping you stay on top of your important business numbers. Our All-in-One POS System includes the hardware and training you need to grow. We understand small businesses have tight budgets, so we offer it at a low price. Buy our POS online to keep up with the competition. Request a quote to learn more about our pricing.